Thu Nov 06 2014, 01:51PM
The Bong has gone international
Posted by Skyhawk in Team Fortress 2 category.
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The Bong would like to welcome Luna.Lovegood as our newest addition to the admin ranks. From the land of the midnight sun we give you Luna. As our first international admin, we thought it might be helpful to let you know a few things about Norway. Norway left the “Viking age” a thousand years ago. The population of Norway is about 1 million less than the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, and it is roughly the size of Montana. Luna has been a member of our community since November of 2012, and she has proven herself a great example of the Bong philosophy. Please congratulate Luna and start messaging her immediately for help on the Bong.

News item by Blast Tyrant, graphics by KhAmiR-UbiTcH


Blast_Tyrant Nov 06 : 02:37PM

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Welcome Luna. Nice pic Khamir.
SoraPiroB Nov 06 : 09:55PM

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In case anyone was interested in this sort of thing here's the image source:
"Meet the Soldier" by Prospass
Mama Nov 06 : 10:50PM

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Thanks for sharing that...I may have found a new avatar!! That sniper chick is f--king HOT.
Mama Nov 06 : 10:49PM

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Great news! Welcome.
DrakeMegrim Nov 07 : 05:25PM

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Can I get one of your tattoos?
Luna.Lovegood Nov 08 : 09:55AM

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Thanks:) and love this little info about norway! Thanks kham and blast:)
And sure, I got some ink for you drake. I got this hello kitty trampstamp you can have!
gonzo.the.great Nov 08 : 03:32PM

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Drake needs a hello kitty trampstamp.

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