Tue Jul 01 2008, 05:42PM
The Hell Fire Arena [FIRE]
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It has come to our attention that a few players of our community have established their own community, The Hell Fire Arena. Alot of the admins over there have at one time or still continue to play within the [BONG] community. Now for the point of this post.

First, I would like everyone to understand that I the founder of The Gravity Bong have spent since the second day of TF2 beta building this community up. With the help of an amazing and fun group of players and admins we have a damn good thing going here because of you guys Never have I posted or tried to solicit people to join the community or our server, hell I've never even posted on TF2 sites where you're allowed to post servers, etc. We have a unique concept, playerbase, and community here that we can call ours.

I recently found out, [FIRE] has been trying to recruit a couple of our admins to their server, and some of our players, as well as dropping their IP on our server.

It was dis-heartening to find this out, however, I felt the need to make this post just to lay everything on the table so that no issues or drama arises. First off, we have nothing against The Hellfire Arena, they are a great group of guys and we wish them the best of luck in taking this new adventure on. We arn't going to do anything irrational like ban [FIRE] players for coming to the [BONG] and shit talking on them will be disallowed within our community. As I have always tried to emphasis, keep things laid back and have fun!

While we do have this outlook, we ask that The Hellfire Arena in return, please not recruit on our server or community. In addition, we ask their admins to let their community take its own natural and unique path, and not try to actively go out of their way to recruit our admins or regulars here.

It takes nothing to copy a community, but everything to build one.

Thanks & bong on!


hellfireace Jul 02 : 02:31PM

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Hello there! Co owner of FIRE here. Thus this being a surprise to me. Me or Cyclone have never Took any initiative in Taking your members. A lot of them Joined us on there Accord. WE are here to offer Alternatives to the Standard 24/7 2fort (New edited 2fort map coming soon) but anyways I would like to State that we are not trying to take your members. its just your Regulars who like Cyclone Want to play with cyclone from time to time. and by saying this i take my leave. Good luck, and have a wonderful day.

hellfireace Jul 02 : 02:33PM

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Also i will take Dicplinary action agaisnt any of my members who try to recruit on your Server. Thanks for your Cooperation.
Helix Jul 02 : 03:26PM

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Hey hellfire, I have 2 admins personally that said cyclone came to them :/

But thanks for at least supporting our wishes enjoi

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