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Gravity Bong Happy Hour Tonight! 6:30-7:30 CST That's right. Your eyes do not deceive you. It's time to run some maps other than 2 ...
The Gravity Bong is up For Sale! After 8 long and prosperous years running The Gravity Bong, it is finally up for sale to end this ch ...
Join the Rotation Server! Joey & Co. are trying to get the rotation server up and running tonight, here is the IP 66.150. ...

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Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
Locking the thread. Y'all can ...
Posted by DrakeMegrim
Jul 23 : 08:04PM

Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
uh oh not longer then a week D...
Posted by Shpee
Jul 23 : 06:29PM

Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
Maybe a week isn't long enough...
Posted by GravyTrain
Jul 23 : 06:25PM

Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
lloydbraun wrote ...Can we jus...
Posted by FunnyBunny
Jul 23 : 06:00PM

Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
lloydbraun wrote ...Can we jus...
Posted by Shpee
Jul 23 : 05:53PM

Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
FunnyBunny wrote ...I was Help...
Posted by GravyTrain
Jul 23 : 04:23PM

Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
Can we just ban these kids for...
Posted by lloydbraun
Jul 23 : 03:57PM

Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
I was Helping Kronky out by le...
Posted by FunnyBunny
Jul 23 : 02:06PM

Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
add dBs to your name funny, th...
Posted by Shpee
Jul 23 : 01:59PM

Re: Thanks Volvo 2016
FunnyBunny wrote ...Stop Spawn...
Posted by DrakeMegrim
Jul 23 : 01:27PM



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Closed Thread Thanks Volvo 2016 (The Gravity Bong -- 2fort) Shpee 414 30 DrakeMegrim
Sat Jul 23 2016, 08:04PM 
No New Posts < Counter Strike > (Gaming) SamuelMourad 62 5 Shpee
Thu Jul 21 2016, 01:43PM 
No New Posts Finally shelling out for a good pc, any suggestions? (Tech Forum) [BONG] BigJoeZD 126 8 DrakeMegrim
Thu Jul 21 2016, 07:15PM 
No New Posts Casual Mode is a Disaster (Team Fortress 2) Shpee 196 9 Shpee
Sat Jul 16 2016, 04:14PM 
No New Posts joining server since the update (The Gravity Bong -- 2fort) led 158 5 ScruffMcGruff
Mon Jul 11 2016, 12:39PM 
Threads: 6203 | Replies: 71179 | Views: 3716855
Mon Jul 04 2016, 03:00PM
Happy Independence Day!
Posted by SoraPiroB in Team Fortress 2 category.
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It's that day we told the English people that this is our land now, you red coat-ed immigrants can go back to your own country we don't want you here. So celebrate! Light those burning metal sticks and give them to your kids to wave around while the grown ups set off bombs over and over in the middle of the street! And when you can relax with a nice cold beer while you wait in the emergency room with your brother while you keep his detached fingers in a bag of ice.

Wed Jun 01 2016, 11:23AM
Undecided on Overwatch?
Posted by GravyTrain in Team Fortress 2 category.
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If you're undecided if you're ready to hop on the Overwatch bandwagon and you needed a class who was similar to Pyro and ALSO sorta purple and also adorable? NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

Overwatch is super fun and the more pals from the GravityBong the better! You can watch some Mei gameplay here.

Seriously though everyone hates Mei and we don't need more Mei players.
Tue May 10 2016, 09:49AM
SpaceX ushering in the future
Posted by Skyhawk in Other category.
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So Elon Musk and his projects fascinate me. A lot of you know I'm about 90 years old so I remember my first grade teacher rolling a TV into our classroom and watching the Apollo spacecraft launches. I was four years old when Apollo 11 put the first man on the moon but I don't really remember that because my Tonka trucks were pretty cool then too.

Fast forward forty five years and commercial rocket launches are common and almost ignored by the masses, besides the fact that SpaceX is landing reusable rockets at sea and on land now. NASA doesn't even have this capability yet and is contracting SpaceX to haul their supplies to the International Space Station and I am betting Musk can beat everyone to Mars too.

I suspect a lot of kids these days have no idea how far we have come in a short time. Those of you leaving high school and finding your way into the world have incredible opportunities, don't blow it, learn some science, this is the beginning of that "Star Trek" utopia.

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Quinjelly [Jul 24 : 12:49AM]
Circle jerks are a great time during which to promote recycling :3
knife_out [Jul 23 : 11:42PM]
Guys, what happened to the good ol' days when yall would just ban me?
Shpee [Jul 23 : 11:25PM]
the circle jerk continues
Quinjelly [Jul 23 : 11:16PM]
Any more bullshit? Lawn could use some fertilizer
DrakeMegrim [Jul 23 : 08:40PM]
It's okay. Cling to your precious little passive aggressive comments while you can.
Shpee [Jul 23 : 08:31PM]
locking the thread lel
Kronky [Jul 23 : 07:47PM]
Food shouldn't fly
gonzo.the.great [Jul 23 : 07:12PM]
Speaking of fuckwits, what the deal with airline food? Right guys?
Shpee [Jul 23 : 05:06PM]
>doesnt see spawncamping >calls me a fuckwit >bans for no reason good job
GravyTrain [Jul 23 : 04:20PM]
12 min after Kronky and Funny temp banned for blatant spawncamping we have Shpee being a fuckwit on the site about people banned for no reason. Amazing.
Shpee [Jul 23 : 03:28PM]
lets ban them for no reason

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