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come on let's play videogames don't go to work tell your boss he's a fart and play 2fort instead, downer and I are lonely in here
Come visit the rotation server... Address: DO IT.
Knife Out's Unusual Raffle Drawing Stream I'll be streaming the drawing at 7:15 EST. Go to http://www.twitch.tv/professorjerk if you want to w ...

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Re: Hick Admin Inquiry!

Posted by Diabeetus
Nov 20 : 10:41PM

Re: Hick Admin Inquiry!
Dont be jealous of my helmet h...
Posted by BiGTeX
Nov 20 : 10:19PM

Re: Hick Admin Inquiry!
Says the guy with the captain ...
Posted by AntiHick
Nov 20 : 10:05PM

Re: Hick Admin Inquiry!
U r 1 ugly mofo
Posted by BiGTeX
Nov 20 : 09:44PM

Re: Hick Admin Inquiry!

Posted by AntiHick
Nov 20 : 09:29PM

Re: Hick Admin Inquiry!

Posted by Diabeetus
Nov 20 : 09:25PM

Re: Guess what day it is...
I think its more of an anniver...
Posted by holyass
Nov 20 : 09:07PM

Re: Hick Admin Inquiry!
this is why we cant have nice ...
Posted by sudo kill -9
Nov 20 : 08:40PM

Re: Hick Admin Inquiry!
Why did we have to bring those...
Posted by AntiHick
Nov 20 : 08:37PM

Re: Hick Admin Inquiry!

Posted by gonzo.the.great
Nov 20 : 08:21PM



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Thu Nov 20 2014, 10:41PM 
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Thu Nov 20 2014, 09:07PM 
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Tue Nov 18 2014, 12:38PM
Scruff McGruff & The '92 Dream Team
Posted by silent in Team Fortress 2 category.
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The Gravity Bong has always had some really good players in its community. One of the few who have taken it to the next level is Scruff McGruff. He's a regular that most BonG regulars are familiar with. If not his name, most certainly his scatter gun, sniper rifle or knife.

He has been playing competitively for about 2 years now. His interest was piqued after watching some competitive play youtube videos. Since then, he hasn't looked back. Currently he is playing with the '92 Dream Team in UGC's Highlander Gold division. Above Gold is Platinum and below it lies Silver, Steel and Iron. Currently in 2nd place with a record of 7 wins and 1 loss, Scruff and his '92 Dream Team have their eyes on that top spot.

As a result of practice and hours of hard work, The '92 Dream Team has made it into the playoffs!! You can follow their progress HERE (click the "NA Gold" tab).Everyone loves support so let's be sure to cheer one of our own on as he competes. Upcoming schedule can be found HERE. View the official league team stats here.

Article and image courtesy of KhAmiR-UbiTcH.

Thu Nov 06 2014, 01:51PM
The Bong has gone international
Posted by Skyhawk in Team Fortress 2 category.
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The Bong would like to welcome Luna.Lovegood as our newest addition to the admin ranks. From the land of the midnight sun we give you Luna. As our first international admin, we thought it might be helpful to let you know a few things about Norway. Norway left the “Viking age” a thousand years ago. The population of Norway is about 1 million less than the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, and it is roughly the size of Montana. Luna has been a member of our community since November of 2012, and she has proven herself a great example of the Bong philosophy. Please congratulate Luna and start messaging her immediately for help on the Bong.

News item by Blast Tyrant, graphics by KhAmiR-UbiTcH

Mon Nov 03 2014, 09:00PM
TF Tomb Contest 2014
Posted by TF2-RSS in Team Fortress 2 category.
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One of the best parts about working on Team Fortress is that we have the ability to try new things. Sometimes this means "let's try making Halloween minigames that revolve around bumper cars!" and sometimes, like now, it means "let's try a new way of doing promotions".

[ Full Story ... ]
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Skyhawk [Nov 20 : 09:49PM]
Server has been vacant a few hours due to an issue with this afternoon's update. I have a ticket open with the host to resolve it.
Mama [Nov 20 : 07:05PM]
I'm so glad that you posted that Sky... I was just getting ready to, and now I don't have to . lol
BiGTeX [Nov 20 : 12:50PM]
The apocolypse must be near... there is a real chance that detroit and dallas will go into their thanksgiving game in First place
Skyhawk [Nov 20 : 10:11AM]
Three grannies smoking for the first time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRBAZJ4lF0U
Skyhawk [Nov 19 : 09:08AM]
I considered that but i personally don't want a phone that big. The company I work for supplies my phone because I am on call 24/7/365. I am due for an upgrade but I don't want anything bigger then the iPhone 5 I now have. My co-workers have gone to the 6 and 6plus but I'm just not interested.
Mama [Nov 18 : 08:35PM]
Skyhawk, I have the Nexus 7 tablet (built by Asus)... but with this new phone, I don't need to carry it anymore. This phone is amazing.
frostmute [Nov 18 : 07:25PM]
Fuck this 'Denuvo' DRM shit... godamnit I need my pirated DA:I and LotF
khamir-ubitch [Nov 18 : 02:34PM]
*ugh, that was supposed to read the 3 and the 4.
khamir-ubitch [Nov 18 : 02:34PM]
I've heard NOTHING but good things about the Samsung Notes (NOTEably the 3
Skyhawk [Nov 17 : 10:35PM]
Nice Mama, Skyhawk Jr has one and loves it. had I not purchased an ASUS 7 inch tablet, I would go with the Note
Mama [Nov 17 : 05:25PM]
New phablet... got a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Not quite sure how I feel about going back to Samsung after 5 years away, but I hope it works out better than the last several that I had.

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