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Come visit the rotation server... Address: DO IT.
Knife Out's Unusual Raffle Drawing Stream I'll be streaming the drawing at 7:15 EST. Go to http://www.twitch.tv/professorjerk if you want to w ...
TFC Round 2? I think so.

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Re: Cards Against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy
BiGTeX wrote ...These blowdart...
Posted by Dickbut
Apr 17 : 03:21PM

Re: Cards Against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy
BiGTeX wrote ...These blowdart...
Posted by Tickle_My_Bambo
Apr 17 : 02:56PM

Re: So I have this idea for a business...
BiGTeX wrote ...Advertising is...
Posted by Skyhawk
Apr 17 : 01:05PM

Re: So I have this idea for a business...
Skyhawk wrote ...frostmute wro...
Posted by frostmute
Apr 17 : 12:43PM

Re: Cards Against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy
the creators of cards against ...
Posted by frostmute
Apr 17 : 12:34PM

Re: Cards Against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy
These blowdart guns are amazin...
Posted by BiGTeX
Apr 17 : 12:07PM

Re: Cards Against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy
You sure you want him to expla...
Posted by ProfessorJerk
Apr 17 : 11:48AM

Re: Cards Against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy
BiGTeX wrote ...blowdart knuck...
Posted by Dickbut
Apr 17 : 03:39AM

Re: Cards Against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy
A couple buddies of mine play ...
Posted by BiGTeX
Apr 17 : 12:29AM

Re: Cards Against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy
Knife, please get back to me, ...
Posted by mrnarhwal
Apr 16 : 09:21PM



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Thu Apr 17 2014, 03:21PM 
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Mon Apr 14 2014, 12:03PM
Heartbleed Bug
Posted by Helix in Other category.
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To BONG'ers far and wide, the majority of you probably know and have changed your passwords due to the heartbleed bug impacting websites using Open SSL. For those who have not, just a friendly reminder it is a good idea to update your passwords and some links to read up on the bug if you've been hiding under a rock.

This website, Gravitybong.net is not affected by the “Heartbleed bug,” a defect in certain versions of the OpenSSL implementation of TLS/DTLS encryption. Our site doesn't use SSL, and even if it did, the version that runs on our server isn't one of the affected versions.

I know we have quite a few security gurus in the community, so if anyone has additional info leave a comment.

General Overview
List of Major Impacted Websites
Test a website for vulnerability
Fri Apr 11 2014, 10:00PM
The Second Annual Reddit vs Tumblr TF2 Match
Posted by TF2-RSS in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Register now to take part in the Second Annual Reddit vs Tumblr TF2 Match, a month of friendly competition between Tumblr and Reddit. In these show-matches all levels of experience are welcome to apply. In the words of the event's creators: "One of the cornerstones of the event is to create a venue for players with varying levels of skill to have a chance to play and have fun."

This season will have five teams representing each community from around the world: June 14th - US West; June 15th - US East; June 21st - EU; June 22nd - Aus/Oceania; and a "Mystery Game" June 28th. Check out the FAQ for more information.
Wed Apr 02 2014, 10:00PM
New Comic and What We're Working On!
Posted by TF2-RSS in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Team Fortress Comics #3 is live! You can catch up with Issue #1 and Issue #2 here, or just keep reading for the ultra-fast TL;DR version:

Gray Mann has taken control of Mann Co., the mercs have disbanded, and the Administrator has disappeared! Six months later, the Administrator has tasked her assistant Miss Pauling with getting the team back together for one last mysterious job. With Demo, Spy, Scout, Soldier and Pyro already on board, Pauling must find the rest of the team before Gray finds her. Meanwhile, Saxton Hale has reunited with Maggie, an old flame, only to discover she is now working for Charles Darling, his greatest nemesis. All caught up? Good. Here's Issue #3.

[ Full Story ... ]
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frostmute [Apr 17 : 04:38PM]
Those gifts would get 'acquired' for my troubles.
cosmic_marbles [Apr 17 : 04:26PM]
I live on a military installation and I get the best mail. It's not just bank statements, but credit cards, and birthday/Christmas cards (I send back ones with money/gifts). What does it say when you don't tell Grandma that you have moved and haven't lived at this address for at least a year??
NinjaAl [Apr 17 : 03:24PM]
I get, like, *important mail* and financial shit from people who have never lived in my apartment.
ProfessorJerk [Apr 17 : 03:03PM]
Welcome to almost every fucking apartment I've ever lived in.
Tickle_My_Bambo [Apr 17 : 03:02PM]
Apparently the person that lived here before me forgot to change her address. Thanks for all the pizza coupons lady.
ProfessorJerk [Apr 17 : 02:09PM]
Haha Frost, that's amusing because the one time I've managed to make it out to the local Drafthouse since they opened was for Escape from NY. So I guess my Russell/ Carpenter streak there will continue.
Skyhawk [Apr 17 : 01:32PM]
My first notice of her was in "Porky's", she got turned on by sweaty jock straps, I've been looking for a girl like that ever since. http://www.musicboxtheatre.com/images/made/assets/stills/porkys_610_407shar_s_c1.jpeg
frostmute [Apr 17 : 01:27PM]
Side note, i remember rubbing one out to Kim Catrall in a see through wet t-shirt in that movie.
frostmute [Apr 17 : 01:26PM]
I've actually seen that at the drafthouse, too! There was a guy dressed up as Snake Pliskin, at the event...
ProfessorJerk [Apr 17 : 01:15PM]
Big Trouble in Little China is playing at the Alamo Drafthouse in my neighborhood in a few weeks and I am the happiest guy in the world.
frostmute [Apr 17 : 12:36PM]
FUUUUUCK YEA. San Antonio is hosting PAX SOUTH. http://www.joystiq.com/2014/04/12/pax-san-antonio-announced-for-january/ I know what i'll be doing Jan 23-25....

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