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Happy New Year 2016 Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to everyone out there that is a part of our community. After ...
Goodbye TF2, Hello Overwatch April 1, 2015 http://gravitybong.net/page.php?35 Today is a bittersweet day BONG'ers. Today we say ...
Support Scruff McGruff in the Grand Finale!! Scruff McGruff is about to start the UGC Gold Grand Finale. Watch and cheer him on here: http://ww ...

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Re: [poll] Are you "Childish"?
A few weeks ago my wife and I ...
Posted by Halvus
Feb 11 : 01:34PM

Re: Greetings from Deeb
BoC !
Posted by JimmyTodd
Feb 10 : 04:48PM

Re: Tell me of your home world Usul...
1. Arakis2. 413. Kwisatz Ha...
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Feb 10 : 04:37PM

Re: Tell me of your home world Usul...
khamir-ubitch wrote ...Welcome...
Posted by holyass
Feb 09 : 01:24PM

Re: Tell me of your home world Usul...
Hello! I look forward to medi...
Posted by holyass
Feb 09 : 01:20PM

Re: Greetings from Deeb
khamir-ubitch wrote ...Welcome...
Posted by MuadDib
Feb 09 : 12:46PM

Re: Tell me of your home world Usul...
Hello there! welcome... now te...
Posted by Korben Dallas
Feb 09 : 12:05PM

Re: Tell me of your home world Usul...
I must not fear. Fear is the m...
Posted by JimmyTodd
Feb 08 : 11:00PM

Re: Frin wuju'

Posted by gonzo.the.great
Feb 08 : 07:49PM

Re: Frin wuju'
We welcome you...
Posted by Skyhawk
Feb 08 : 12:06PM



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Fri Feb 12 2016, 06:39PM
Happy Friday, It's the freakin weekend
Posted by Helix in Other category.
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Happy Friday everyone! Nothing to do with Team Fortress, but a relaxing and entertaining video to Bong on' to. Enjoy.
Tue Feb 09 2016, 10:48AM
Winter is...going?
Posted by holyass in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Greetings Bong!

Winter is a bitch. She shows up, sometimes early, and spreads her white deathgrip across the land. You kept yourself warm playing 2fort for the past 2 months by sticking it out and taking down The Choggs bridge sentry, even if it meant pushing dinner back 3 hours. Whether running from GrλvyTrλins unmerciful rocket launcher, avoiding Dickbuts dastardly detonator, or being soaked in Scruffs piss, you’ve done your best to keep warm during the bitter cold winter months. Thank goodness you stocked up on plenty internets before the big freeze. Don’t despair: Our nations weather rodent forecasts an early spring.

Some quick reminders:

-Are you friends with any of the admins? Do you even know who the admins are? Check out the admin page and add your favorite admin. We are here to serve you.

-Hacking sniper on the Bong? First of all, be as discrete as possible. Alerting a hacker could hinder the expediency of banning him. If you notice an admin on that you’re not friends with, use the command “/chat” to send a message to all admins playing on the server. I personally love to burn, smite, launch into space, teleport to enemy sentry, disarm, and generally harass any hackers.

-An annoying high-talker on the mic? Did you know you can locally mute players? Push Esc, look for the ear with an X over it, and select the player. Easy as that! You can even sort the names alphabetically. Mutes text entries as well.

-Did you know the Rotation Server was resurrected? Indeed the rotating times are back! Hop on for all your non-2fort needs!

Remember to clean out that nasty bong. A clean bong is a happy bong! Stay safe and BONG ON!

Tue Feb 02 2016, 09:36AM
Gravity Bong Music
Posted by Skyhawk in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Greetings Bong,

As we have new players browsing our little site every month, I thought I’d post one of the many extra perks of playing on the Gravity Bong. You guessed it, it’s our awesome in game jukebox plugin that YOU as the player have input as to the content. Although we have a huge library of music, you can post suggestions to this thread and have the music YOU want to listen to, added to the library.

Spacepope has recently stepped up to help us keep the jukebox refreshed and populated with new music. This community jukebox thread has the details on how to make a music request and you it’s as easy as posting a YouTube link. So send us your requests and let’s load that Gravity Bong iPod up.

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Wolfwarrior27 [Feb 10 : 11:58PM]
HAHAHAHAHA thats the best
GravyTrain [Feb 10 : 04:24PM]
frostmute [Feb 10 : 02:44PM]
The Wer-Lizard episode was SOOO GOOOOOOD. It was basically a throwback (cast members included) to a few of the old "humor" episodes. The stoner guy and girl were from the epsiode where Quequeg (also referenced in this episode) was eaten by a lake monster.
Helix [Feb 09 : 06:29PM]
I agree Frost, the trash man!! But what was up with last week's episode? Haha
frostmute [Feb 09 : 05:33PM]
God I'm fucking LOVING the X-Files... Why does it have to end so soon? =( Is there no petition I can sign to suggest that FOX give them a whole season?
Helix [Feb 09 : 09:54AM]
Skyhawk [Feb 09 : 08:23AM]
Happy National Pizza Day
Mama [Feb 08 : 09:21PM]
Jukebox updated a little. Don't forget to post requests so that we can get your favorite music in there!
Skyhawk [Feb 08 : 11:59AM]
it's Deadpool week, i'm giddy

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