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Goodbye TF2, Hello Overwatch April 1, 2015 http://gravitybong.net/page.php?35 Today is a bittersweet day BONG'ers. Today we say ...
Support Scruff McGruff in the Grand Finale!! Scruff McGruff is about to start the UGC Gold Grand Finale. Watch and cheer him on here: http://ww ...
come on let's play videogames don't go to work tell your boss he's a fart and play 2fort instead, downer and I are lonely in here

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Some damn musik fer the jukebox

Posted by BiGTeX
Jul 29 : 05:46AM

Re: Custom Maps Not Loading For Some People?
yall have 2-fort, rite?
Posted by BiGTeX
Jul 29 : 04:00AM

Re: I'm broken
That leg needs whiskey stat......
Posted by BiGTeX
Jul 29 : 03:55AM

Re: Level 1 Sentry: A computer case
Mama wrote ...if I had the res...
Posted by ghadilli
Jul 25 : 05:34PM

Re: Level 1 Sentry: A computer case
Since the movement is controll...
Posted by Mama
Jul 24 : 08:04PM

Re: Level 1 Sentry: A computer case
I want a level 3 sentry that s...
Posted by serenissima
Jul 24 : 04:23PM

Re: Level 1 Sentry: A computer case
khamir-ubitch wrote ...my only...
Posted by SoraPiroB
Jul 24 : 11:48AM

Re: Level 1 Sentry: A computer case
Blackout should build these fo...
Posted by Skyhawk
Jul 24 : 11:03AM

Re: Level 1 Sentry: A computer case
my only disappointment was it ...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Jul 24 : 10:07AM

Re: Silicon Valley
Is this the show from where I ...
Posted by spartanbard
Jul 24 : 03:19AM



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No New Posts Level 1 Sentry: A computer case (Videos) khamir-ubitch 116 7 ghadilli
Sat Jul 25 2015, 05:34PM 
No New Posts Custom Maps Not Loading For Some People? (Tech Forum) SoraPiroB 110 4 BiGTeX
Wed Jul 29 2015, 04:00AM 
No New Posts Help me get rid of this adware (Tech Forum) Yahoozy 141 6 Yahoozy
Sat Jul 18 2015, 09:37PM 
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Sat Jul 18 2015, 11:59AM 
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Sat Jul 18 2015, 02:24PM 
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Thu Jul 02 2015, 03:11PM
TF2 Gun Mettle Campaign: Four new maps and class and weapon changes
Posted by Skyhawk in Team Fortress 2 category.
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What's the point of having a cool gun if everyone else has one too? You know who has guns that are all alike? The army. And the army isn't fun at all. They barely trade and paint their weapons, they hardly ever give each other presents when one of them does a really good job, and their weapons don't even have kill-counters or sparkle effects. It's almost a job.

Introducing the Gun Mettle Campaign, new to TF2 and releasing tomorrow, which succeeds in every area where the army fails: Rare guns! Mystery boxes! Skill-based prizes! Buying a $5.99 Campaign Pass lets you test your TF mettle against a series of weekly challenges, and gives you the chance to earn one-of-a-kind weapons to keep or trade with your friends. A portion of the sales from Campaign Passes will go towards our hardworking TF2 community mapmakers. Find out more about the new campaign here, and don't forget to read the comic!

Now, say you're the sort of person who's thinking, "You know what's more exciting to me than the Gun Mettle Campaign? Having six dollars." Don't worry, frugal guy, we've got you covered too! A new Valve map! Three new community maps! Taunts! A new way to equip new weapons in-game for free! Loads of class and weapon changes! Check out the details here. You guys, this is a big update. And it lands tomorrow, so check back. Link to original blog here

Tue Apr 14 2015, 09:24AM
Latest Happenings
Posted by Helix in Gravity Bong News category.
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Greetings BONG! Just a quick glimpse through the smoke of the BONG world… Cosmic and Gune graciously agreed to join our admin ranks and help out around the community. Cosmic marks the third female we have on our admin ranks at the moment, creating a frenzy of teenage boys joining the server in the hopes to hear their voices. Cosmic and Gune support the late night shift for you pacific BONG’ers so feel free to reach out to them if you need anything. In addition, we’ve worked on fixing some plugins including Jukebox and other things over the past few weeks. If you notice anything that is still outstanding or that you’d like to see, mention it to an admin or post a comment. That’s it for now, thanks and BONG on.

Mon Apr 06 2015, 08:54PM
Rest in Peace, Fetus
Posted by Helix in Gravity Bong News category.
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As one of the most somber posts made in our history... we lost Fetus (Jesse Sherrill) Thursday, April 2, 2015. While I'm certainly not one to claim to have known him well, only interacting with him a handful of times on the forums.... he was #28 in our lifetime stats, had over 58 days logged on the server, and had last logged in 2 days before his passing. He was a member of this community and as such we'd like to show support. Even though we only knew him through his voice and an online presence... he was a son, a dad, a brother, and a friend to many. Please consider leaving messages as well as donations at the links below. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family, rest in peace Jesse.


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BiGTeX [Jul 29 : 02:56AM]
I aint kicked it yet. Been playin them elder scrolls on my ps4. Just upgraded to windows 10. Anybody usin that thang?
frostmute [Jul 28 : 09:31PM]
BlackOut [Jul 28 : 04:36PM]
Nuclear throne is my jam yahoozy, soo good.
Korben Dallas [Jul 27 : 09:20PM]
and this is spot on... I luv that jew chick. https://youtu.be/9RvFMNwGk4Y
Korben Dallas [Jul 27 : 09:08PM]
https://youtu.be/e6ct-HN-4wo I live less than a mile minutes away from this guy's house, buy groceries in that market and cross that tunnel almost everyday.
Dickbut [Jul 26 : 03:34PM]
I was afraid you had died, Big Tex.
BiGTeX [Jul 26 : 02:32PM]
Yahoozy [Jul 26 : 01:24PM]
Speaking of Very Good Games, Nuclear Throne is in an almost-complete state now and it is incredible.
Yahoozy [Jul 26 : 05:49AM]
it looks v. good
Dickbut [Jul 25 : 06:07PM]
Anyone here tried Victor Vran?

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