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Gravity Bong Happy Hour Tonight! 6:30-7:30 CST That's right. Your eyes do not deceive you. It's time to run some maps other than 2 ...
The Gravity Bong is up For Sale! After 8 long and prosperous years running The Gravity Bong, it is finally up for sale to end this ch ...
Join the Rotation Server! Joey & Co. are trying to get the rotation server up and running tonight, here is the IP 66.150. ...

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Re: [poll] Time for Another Happy Hour!
Invalid vote.
Posted by knife_out
Jun 27 : 10:08PM

Re: My Frag Video on TF2 Comp
Confirmed hax
Posted by Munchies
Jun 27 : 09:30PM

My Frag Video on TF2 Comp
Posted by FunnyBunny
Jun 27 : 12:20AM

Re: [poll] Time for Another Happy Hour!

Posted by gonzo.the.great
Jun 26 : 07:21PM

[poll] Time for Another Happy Hour!
I say "ahuh"
Posted by snowmann
Jun 26 : 05:09PM

Re: batspy/sans
gonzo.the.great wrote ...Gravy...
Posted by rquasar
Jun 25 : 10:50AM

Re: Kitty watching Khamir krush kompetitors
ScruffMcGruff wrote ...It's al...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Jun 22 : 05:00PM

Re: Kitty watching Khamir krush kompetitors
Posted by GravyTrain
Jun 22 : 04:29PM

Re: Kitty watching Khamir krush kompetitors
It's all about the 120 fov
Posted by ScruffMcGruff
Jun 22 : 03:10PM

Re: Kitty watching Khamir krush kompetitors
That is a 120 view model...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Jun 21 : 07:41PM



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Mon Jun 27 2016, 09:30PM 
No New Posts [poll] Time for Another Happy Hour! (Events & Tournaments) snowmann 70 2 knife_out
Mon Jun 27 2016, 10:08PM 
No New Posts Kitty watching Khamir krush kompetitors (Videos) khamir-ubitch 153 8 khamir-ubitch
Wed Jun 22 2016, 05:00PM 
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Sun Jun 19 2016, 09:20PM 
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Sat Jun 18 2016, 11:46PM 
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Wed Jun 01 2016, 11:23AM
Undecided on Overwatch?
Posted by GravyTrain in Team Fortress 2 category.
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If you're undecided if you're ready to hop on the Overwatch bandwagon and you needed a class who was similar to Pyro and ALSO sorta purple and also adorable? NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

Overwatch is super fun and the more pals from the GravityBong the better! You can watch some Mei gameplay here.

Seriously though everyone hates Mei and we don't need more Mei players.
Tue May 10 2016, 09:49AM
SpaceX ushering in the future
Posted by Skyhawk in Other category.
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So Elon Musk and his projects fascinate me. A lot of you know I'm about 90 years old so I remember my first grade teacher rolling a TV into our classroom and watching the Apollo spacecraft launches. I was four years old when Apollo 11 put the first man on the moon but I don't really remember that because my Tonka trucks were pretty cool then too.

Fast forward forty five years and commercial rocket launches are common and almost ignored by the masses, besides the fact that SpaceX is landing reusable rockets at sea and on land now. NASA doesn't even have this capability yet and is contracting SpaceX to haul their supplies to the International Space Station and I am betting Musk can beat everyone to Mars too.

I suspect a lot of kids these days have no idea how far we have come in a short time. Those of you leaving high school and finding your way into the world have incredible opportunities, don't blow it, learn some science, this is the beginning of that "Star Trek" utopia.

Mon May 02 2016, 09:35AM
Just Keep Swimming
Posted by SoraPiroB in Other category.
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Sometimes life gets hard. Maybe you're approaching a deadline and haven't started work. Maybe a friend or family member recently passed away. Or you could just be dissatisfied with life in general. But it won't be the end of world if you miss that deadline or take a week off of work to sort your emotions out. No one is going to blame you, they just might be going through the same thing. And don't be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes having someone else makes carrying that weight a little bit easier.

Now have some pictures of adorable animals:

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Munchies [Jun 27 : 09:30PM]
So THAT'S how this place was started...
Missy [Jun 26 : 01:19PM]
For those of you that find history interesting but are too lazy to decipher ye Olde English https://blog.xkcd.com/2007/01/29/
gonzo.the.great [Jun 25 : 08:21PM]
Fuck LGA.
Ethan [Jun 25 : 12:46PM]
Worlds largest Super Soaker battle is going to be at UTA in Arlington tonight at 6pm if anyone else is going.
Mackerel [Jun 25 : 12:41PM]
Did anyone miss me!?
Skyhawk [Jun 24 : 02:36PM]
This was the first time for me. My standard line is "why the eff would anyone buy something from a popup ad". Buuuuut, it is a pretty cool shirt.
Missy [Jun 24 : 11:11AM]
Wait, an ad really made you go buy the product?? I didn't know those things actually worked...
Skyhawk [Jun 24 : 09:14AM]
This is one of the coolest effing things I have seen lately. I bought a t-shirt due to an ad on facebook and then see how the company works. You design a shirt and they produce and market it for you and you get a cut. https://teespring.com/160621av2?wc1=wc1#pid=2
gonzo.the.great [Jun 24 : 09:00AM]
Goddamit Cameron. Why play Russion Roulette if you don't plan on loosing?
Korben Dallas [Jun 23 : 11:42PM]
Brexit done, next Trumpin. crap...

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