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Support Scruff McGruff in the Grand Finale!! Scruff McGruff is about to start the UGC Gold Grand Finale. Watch and cheer him on here: http://ww ...
come on let's play videogames don't go to work tell your boss he's a fart and play 2fort instead, downer and I are lonely in here
Come visit the rotation server... Address: DO IT.

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Re: Who's watchin' Saul?
Easter eggs you wouldn't catch...
Posted by Skyhawk
Feb 27 : 10:07AM

Re: Spring break and hooligans
Frost that sounds like a good ...
Posted by Pepe
Feb 26 : 09:27PM

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The last time I went to SP, I ...
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Feb 26 : 11:00AM

Spring break and hooligans
Does anyone wanna meet up at S...
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Feb 25 : 10:18PM

Re: Source Filmmaker Posters: 2 new ones
I don't know how to art at all...
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Feb 24 : 11:37AM

Re: Source Filmmaker Posters: 2 new ones
Thanks, just running out of id...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Feb 24 : 10:19AM

Re: Source Filmmaker Posters: 2 new ones
Khamir these are awesome. :D
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Feb 24 : 08:20AM

Re: Source Filmmaker Posters: 2 new ones
Nice work man.
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Feb 23 : 04:19PM

Source Filmmaker Posters: 2 new ones
RUN KHAMIR! RUN!!!Dickbut forg...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Feb 23 : 03:20PM

Re: Hollywood Hoblaster Is Back -- With a Mighty Vengeance ... or is he??? (He is.)
hoblaster wrote ...khamir-ubit...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Feb 23 : 12:00PM



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Wed Jan 21 2015, 10:45AM
Now Supporting WEBM
Posted by Helix in Gravity Bong News category.
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I'm pleased to announce that our little old website now supports WEBM files. Feel free to use them in comments, forum posts, and for late night pleasure.


What is WEBM?

WebM is a format for HTML5 video that is designed to be high-quality and royalty-free. HTML5 video makes video a built-in part of the Web platform the way images have been already.

Check if my browser supports WEBM?

Click Full Story below for usage.

[ Full Story ... ]
Thu Jan 15 2015, 11:33PM
Bye Bye Snow
Posted by Helix in Gravity Bong News category.
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Hey there Bong! The holidays are over and our web style is back so make sure you give your browser a refresh. Thanks to everyone who donated over the holidays and to all the kind souls that tossed items into the raffle. We paid for all costs through 2015 with the donations and have a small buffer to host an event with prizes. We're really excited to raise that kind of an effort after all this time and really appreciate it.

Next, you may have seen our stats were down since December 29, with the monthly coming back a few days ago and the lifetime returning tonight. We apologize for the outage and are now backing up stats with a nightly job to prevent any kind of outage that extreme in the future.

Hope everyone's 2015 is off to a good start, may all your troubles last as long as your new year's resolutions! Bong on!
Tue Dec 09 2014, 03:58PM
December donation drive and item raffle
Posted by Skyhawk in Gravity Bong News category.
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Hello Bong Pals,

Just a reminder we would like to build our coffers for the coming months. The Gravity Bong has run almost entirely on donations for the past seven years due to our great community. Even though we run a single server the costs add up. Our server is on a dedicated VM for performance, we have two sets of GameMe stats to pay for each month, almost 6 years worth of images and attachments from this website and forums to host, and space for our fast download and replay functionality.

We rarely solicit but as we tend to get most of our donations in December, we wanted to return your generosity with some giveaways. To keep the field level, every donator will receive one entry into the drawings so everyone has an equal chance to win. In addition, when clicking that big red donation button on the main page, please include your common in-game tag so we know who donates. It's hard to identify donors by email address alone.

I had originally only put up a pair of ear buds for the drawing but DeKeeg has kindly sweetened the pot with a supply of Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys, Mann Co. Store Packages, and several Steam games. Knife_Out has also contributed an assortment of unusual hats to be raffled. Again, thanks to all for all the input and keeping our community thriving. Bong on.

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frostmute [Mar 03 : 04:43PM]
Oh great... UT has a Hat Store. *look of disapproval*
khamir-ubitch [Mar 03 : 11:10AM]
Helix: Holy shit, that's terrible!! What a bummer, I was REALLY hoping to see it work out so I could pick one up.
Yahoozy [Mar 03 : 09:51AM]
who ate iyt , your cat (garfeld referance) (joke)
Dickbut [Mar 03 : 08:52AM]
help i ran out of lasagna
Skyhawk [Mar 02 : 11:43PM]
I developed a wicked head cold a couple days ago so in my medically induced dilerium and bouts of sleep in 5 minute chunks, I lived the entire night in an Evolve arena.
Helix [Mar 02 : 10:18PM]
K, it ended up being an epic fail. I requested and received a refund a few months ago but long story short they never shipped the cards out and stole a lot of people's money. https://www.facebook.com/onlycoin
khamir-ubitch [Mar 02 : 01:56PM]
Helix: I can't wait til this stuff takes off more. Speaking of taking off, how's that kick-starter credit card thing working out for you? I was wondering how it worked IRL.

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