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Re: Musically talented people show us what you've got!
Finally snapped some pics.I do...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
May 06 : 08:37AM

Re: Anybody interested in making a semi-formal comp team?
I like 6's better but I think ...
Posted by DrakeMegrim
May 06 : 07:02AM

Re: Musically talented people show us what you've got!
At first I was thinking that w...
Posted by GravyTrain
May 06 : 03:06AM

Re: Musically talented people show us what you've got!
Posted by Kronky
May 06 : 12:58AM

Re: Anybody interested in making a semi-formal comp team?
lets get a nice 6v6 going or s...
Posted by Kronky
May 05 : 11:30PM

Re: Anybody interested in making a semi-formal comp team?
Kronky wrote ...send me an inv...
Posted by ScruffMcGruff
May 05 : 11:28PM

Re: Anybody interested in making a semi-formal comp team?
send me an invite to that grou...
Posted by Kronky
May 05 : 10:31PM

Re: Overwatch.
GravyTrain wrote ...I still ca...
Posted by rquasar
May 05 : 09:19PM

Re: Anybody interested in making a semi-formal comp team?
Well, just looking for anyone ...
Posted by snowmann
May 05 : 08:31PM

Re: Share Your Overwatch BattleTag™
Posted by Shadowswift
May 05 : 08:24PM



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No New Posts Anybody interested in making a semi-formal comp team? (The Lounge) snowmann 66 9 DrakeMegrim
Fri May 06 2016, 07:02AM 
No New Posts Share Your Overwatch BattleTag™ (Gaming) GravyTrain 46 2 Shadowswift
Thu May 05 2016, 08:24PM 
No New Posts Help setting up a Logitech G15 (Tech Forum) snowmann 53 2 snowmann
Wed May 04 2016, 04:49PM 
No New Posts on Popular Thread Musically talented people show us what you've got! (The Lounge) Kronky 201 17 khamir-ubitch
Fri May 06 2016, 08:37AM 
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Tue May 03 2016, 10:54PM 
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Mon May 02 2016, 10:35AM
Just Keep Swimming
Posted by SoraPiroB in Other category.
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Sometimes life gets hard. Maybe you're approaching a deadline and haven't started work. Maybe a friend or family member recently passed away. Or you could just be dissatisfied with life in general. But it won't be the end of world if you miss that deadline or take a week off of work to sort your emotions out. No one is going to blame you, they just might be going through the same thing. And don't be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes having someone else makes carrying that weight a little bit easier.

Now have some pictures of adorable animals:
Fri Apr 29 2016, 05:58PM
Berenstein Bears Conspiracy Theory
Posted by Dickbut in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Hello, Friends. I'm sure many of you fondly remember the Berenstein Bears children's books when you were still young, and I'm sure you often saw them at those goofy book fairs that no one ever actually participated in.

And I am also sure you very specifically remember the name as "Berenstein", except it's actually spelled "Berenstain". If you remember it as "Berenstein" you're probably stranded here from a parallel universe, and there's definitely no chance most of us just remembered the name incorrectly, right?

It's okay, Friends. I know you're very confused and upset right now. Don't worry, Uncle Dickbut is going to make everything okay.

Thu Apr 28 2016, 12:54PM
Posted by GravyTrain in Team Fortress 2 category.
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After induction to the hallowed halls of GravityBong administration I’ve spent time reading tips from past admins. Among our chief weaponry are fear, surprise, and HLSW. Recently I’ve been engrossed in Fallout4 yet this has not interfered in my responsibilities. Through HLSW I receive alerts based on keywords in chat such as hacker, aimbot, and so forth and have been able to respond accordingly.

So, my friends, I write to ensure you all know that at most times help should only be a few keystrokes away. This can include a request to extend the round time, or perhaps your keen eyes have noted that Knife_out somehow got unbanned. Just give a shout in chat and we will get things fixed up. Remember; be clear in what you need and allow enough time for a response. Don’t wait until 5 seconds left before the rounds end asking for a time extension. Also note that we can see both teams chat as well. If an aimbot is on the enemy team feel safe in using team chat “admin, we have an aimbot on red, name xxXX420noscopeXXxx”. I can join, spectate, get a demo, and ban without tipping them off.

Lastly, I encourage you not to abuse this to just annoy admins and also be mindful when trash talking. It can get aggravating being alerted just because Scruff is dominating some skrub... again. Calling him a hacker in chat will alert even if it is a joke and we all know Scruff HAX but he pays fat cash to not be banned.
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DrakeMegrim [May 06 : 07:03AM]
Back in Sierra Vista, AZ. Windy as fuck here today though.
Dickbut [May 05 : 09:52PM]
I'm glad Big Tex is back. I miss Dongil Kim
GravyTrain [May 05 : 01:44PM]
Dickbut is all "I miss BiGTeX" but when Tex shows up there isn't a Dickbut to be found anywhere.
holyass [May 05 : 10:49AM]
damn. long time no see TeX. you been workin saturdays a lot?
BiGTeX [May 05 : 05:28AM]
Whiskey makes my brain tickly
Korben Dallas [May 05 : 12:50AM]
well i'm a dork... the install is 7 GB. my nick is KorbenDallas#11818 yours?
Munchies [May 04 : 07:00PM]
And also with you.
Helix [May 04 : 08:02AM]
May the 4th be with you
Korben Dallas [May 03 : 07:35PM]
and 30 gb! wow my 3th world interwebz is not made for new fps games
GravyTrain [May 02 : 07:35PM]
Overwatch is difficult
Kronky [May 02 : 04:18PM]
Hahaha that was too much

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