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ehy guys lets play on the gravvity dong cum on lets play video gamee
Gravity Bong Happy Hour Tonight! 6:30-7:30 CSTThat's right. Your eyes do not deceive you. It's time to run some maps other than 2fo ...
The Gravity Bong is up For Sale! After 8 long and prosperous years running The Gravity Bong, it is finally up for sale to end this ch ...

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Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
Dickbut wrote ...might as well...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Feb 21 : 08:45PM

Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
DrakeMegrim wrote ...That's a ...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Feb 17 : 03:40PM

Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
What site Drake?
Posted by GravyTrain
Feb 17 : 12:19PM

Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
That's a great Vali impression...
Posted by DrakeMegrim
Feb 15 : 06:44PM

Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
Posted by GravyTrain
Feb 15 : 02:44PM

Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
might as well shave the rest o...
Posted by Dickbut
Feb 14 : 07:07PM

Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
I am glad to hear she is alrig...
Posted by vahn0100
Feb 14 : 12:19AM

Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
Really glad to hear everything...
Posted by Blast_Tyrant
Feb 13 : 10:03PM

Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
Glad she is OK!
Posted by GravyTrain
Feb 13 : 02:21PM

Re: Princess Powa: Back from the vet!
Nice to see her well, and kudo...
Posted by Korben Dallas
Feb 13 : 01:26PM



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No New Posts on Popular Thread Princess Powa: Back from the vet! (The Lounge) khamir-ubitch 130 10 khamir-ubitch
Tue Feb 21 2017, 08:45PM 
No New Posts Lets Play Some 2fort (The Gravity Bong -- 2fort) FunnyBunny 211 6 Larry
Wed Jan 25 2017, 08:11PM 
No New Posts Casual - Good times. (The Gravity Bong -- 2fort) khamir-ubitch 266 6 khamir-ubitch
Tue Jan 24 2017, 10:57AM 
No New Posts Happy Holidays! (The Gravity Bong -- 2fort) khamir-ubitch 247 7 Blast_Tyrant
Tue Jan 03 2017, 12:44AM 
No New Posts telecommunications technology-in the contour (Tech Forum) jayjoe1010 96 0 -
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Wed Dec 14 2016, 11:01AM
Happy Holidays
Posted by Skyhawk in Gravity Bong News category.
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Greetings Bong. Ah what a year, Valve is doing it's best to kill TF2 with the removal of quick play but the Bong is still trucking along. It's tough to keep a community alive when they route that new highway around your little burg but it appears our core is still intact. I have had a little more time to hop on and play these days and we still have a pretty good influx of random players so despite Valve's best efforts, the Bong lives on. So best wishes to you and to whatever holiday you subscribe and a happy new year to all.

Mon Aug 08 2016, 01:57PM
Khamir's Medic Tips: Uber while holding intel
Posted by khamir-ubitch in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Khamir's Tips: Uber your target while holding the intel
A lot of people don't know that a medic is able to hold the intel while ubering someone. The medic will not be ubered while holding the intel, but the patient will be.

Here's how you do it:

1. Deploy uber
2. very quickly switch off of medi-gun to either melee or primary and pick up the intel.
3. Switch back to medi-gun and focus your beam back on your patient.

Here's a video demonstration

Mon Jul 04 2016, 03:00PM
Happy Independence Day!
Posted by SoraPiroB in Team Fortress 2 category.
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It's that day we told the English people that this is our land now, you red coat-ed immigrants can go back to your own country we don't want you here. So celebrate! Light those burning metal sticks and give them to your kids to wave around while the grown ups set off bombs over and over in the middle of the street! And when you can relax with a nice cold beer while you wait in the emergency room with your brother while you keep his detached fingers in a bag of ice.

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colonoscopy [Feb 21 : 03:20PM]
can't even believe how many of you guys are still here. wowowowow. ALSO HI OK BYE
Korben Dallas [Feb 21 : 03:01PM]
Reports of a shooting in Ben Taub Hospital in Houston
Wolfwarrior27 [Feb 19 : 03:59PM]
Man you have got to get out of there Korben....
Korben Dallas [Feb 19 : 02:10PM]
Right now there is an 5 to 8 years Nationwide Vaccine scarcity, and several preventable disease cases and deaths count in the hundreds. There is no less Autism. https://goo.gl/qqSWBZ
holyass [Feb 18 : 01:55PM]
pretty sure austism is scarier than smallpox. at least thats what jenny mccarthy said.
gonzo.the.great [Feb 18 : 11:44AM]
Motherfucker. I want to personally give them Smallpox and then let them decided if it's good to be vaccinated or now.
frostmute [Feb 17 : 07:39PM]
Our cities new DA, who had this great redemption story being a former criminal, has come out as an Anti-Vaccination proponent and I want to die now.
Wolfwarrior27 [Feb 17 : 04:07AM]
Honestly I like bots spamming us... makes me feel useful
Skyhawk [Feb 14 : 03:16PM]
Server is back up
GravyTrain [Feb 13 : 02:19PM]
It's not a permanent server thing really. They are adding an in-game browser so you can search all the active custom games for one you want to join. It isn't persistent though. Maybe we can figure something out.
frostmute [Feb 13 : 01:43PM]
Overwatch is getting some form of permanent server thingy? Count me in... I'm just not into peer to peer matchmaking, I want a permanent place to specifiy maps/modes/etc. Might get back into Overwatch if thats the case.

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