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RIP Klaire You will forever be missed.
I see how it is. The BONG is finally ending it's decade long run and ya'll can't pop in for a minute to let me ask yo ...

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Re: Boy
why order 3 when you can get a...
Posted by Dickbut
Aug 19 : 02:33PM

Re: Boy
Guys wanna go in on a pre-orde...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Aug 18 : 09:45PM

Re: Boy
kind ofit's like rock collecti...
Posted by Dickbut
Aug 13 : 12:28AM

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Dickbut wrote ...I dunno but p...
Posted by gonzo.the.great
Aug 12 : 07:24PM

Re: Boy
I dunno but people are REALLY ...
Posted by Dickbut
Aug 10 : 11:29PM

Re: Boy
Oh thank god. I've been waitin...
Posted by gonzo.the.great
Aug 10 : 10:14PM

You know what I really want, p...
Posted by Dickbut
Aug 09 : 10:46PM

Re: Update soon pals
I'm still hopeful. :)
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Aug 04 : 08:35PM

Re: Update soon pals
Flame particle rework from the...
Posted by Dickbut
Aug 03 : 10:41PM

Re: Update soon pals
Yeah I was like OMG!!!! and th...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Aug 03 : 12:42AM


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Sun Dec 21 2008, 07:47PM
Happy Hour
Posted by Helix in Gravity Bong Event category.
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Tonight's happy hour will feature jump pads, this will allow heavies and other classes to reach places usually only accessible to soldiers and demos. Should be a fun time, hope to see ya there

Say !jumppad in chat or bind "f" "sm_jumppad" in console, where f is any valid key.

Thu Dec 11 2008, 06:46PM
TF2 Updates
Posted by silent in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Some new things announced at the official TF2 blog-here's the story:

We've been pretty quiet lately, but thankfully, that's about to end. In the next few days we'll have an update out that has a couple of new features for the Engineer and Spy, and a variety of other smaller fixes.

-Teleporters will be upgradeable to level 3. As the teleporter is upgraded, the cooldown will decrease.
Dispensers will be upgradeable to level 3. They will heal faster and generate metal faster as they are upgraded.
-Spies will be able to recharge their cloaking ability by picking up ammo off of the ground.
-We've made a bunch of minor changes by adding particle systems and upgrading the HUD to show things like deaths by critical hits, players that are overhealed, and giving more information to medics when people are calling for them.

These are just to work on some class balance and depth issues that we've seen in the wild with these two classes, but aren't meant to replace their entire class packs. They will be getting more attention further down the road.

While that's in testing, we're off working on several things that folks have been emailing us about, so we thought it'd be good to provide some detail:

-The next class pack will be the Scout. One of the main goals we're focusing on for him has been to provide tools that make him useful in maps like Dustbowl & Goldrush. If you have any ideas for what you think would work well, post them over on the Team Fortress 2 Forum and we'll take a look.
-We are actively working on a massive XBox 360 update, which will include pretty much everything we've shipped on the PC in the last year. We'll provide you with a rough date when we have one.
-We're also working on bringing over a variety of engine improvements from Left 4 Dead into the TF2 engine, but it won't be a wholesale replacement of the engine. This means we'll get some of L4D's performance improvements, like the better multicore support, but not all of them. For example, we can't bring over some improvements without dropping support for DX8, which we're not prepared to do.

The link to the official blog is here
Tue Nov 25 2008, 05:11PM
L4D Server
Posted by Helix in Gravity Bong News category.
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Unfortunately, there are a limited number of server available for L4D, therefore, so that BONG players can actually play on it, we have limited our L4D server to members of our steam group ONLY. To join our steam group simply click the link on the top of this website. After belonging to our steam group, you can connect to our server by:

Selecting "Play Campaign" then "Play on Steam Group Server."

Sometimes it takes a minute for the server to show up though, but the list continuously auto-refreshes. For any additional help, feedback, or suggestions post in our forums or message [BONG] TheAntiHick here or on steam.
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gonzo.the.great [Sep 18 : 06:13PM]
It's so nice that sudo was able to raise such a nice and sweet anti-christ.
Skyhawk [Sep 18 : 01:37PM]
Sudo's pic of his kid wound up on The Chive this morning, photo #9 http://thechive.com/2017/09/18/daily-morning-awesomeness-2/
[BONG] BigJoeZD [Sep 14 : 08:43PM]
Psychonauts is available for free right now via Humble Bundle if anyone is interested
khamir-ubitch [Sep 08 : 09:41PM]
Hurricanes abound. We got lucky here in South Texas. Stay safe my fellow Floridians. (and my heart goes out to our Texan folks affected)
cosmic_marbles [Sep 05 : 08:58PM]
Stay safe Irma path friends!!! <3
Dickbut [Sep 01 : 04:21PM]
guys who misses hoblaster i sure don't
cosmic_marbles [Aug 24 : 09:38PM]
Stay safe my coastal Texan friends! <3
Wolfwarrior27 [Aug 21 : 08:26PM]
Its okay hes all better now
Dickbut [Aug 21 : 01:17PM]
Um guys I think the Sun is sick today
GravyTrain [Jul 23 : 05:36PM]
is fun

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