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RIP Klaire You will forever be missed.
I see how it is. The BONG is finally ending it's decade long run and ya'll can't pop in for a minute to let me ask yo ...

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Re: Where do you guys play now?
I have been experiencing one o...
Posted by SoraPiroB
Jan 09 : 10:17PM

Re: Where do you guys play now?
Posted by GravyTrain
Jan 05 : 03:36PM

Re: Where do you guys play now?
Overwatch mainly and other gam...
Posted by Wolfwarrior27
Dec 30 : 07:58PM

Re: Where do you guys play now?
i don't really feel like playi...
Posted by Dickbut
Dec 26 : 09:34PM

Re: Where do you guys play now?
Posted by holyass
Dec 26 : 04:24PM

Re: Where do you guys play now?
If I play, I usually chase Kha...
Posted by DrakeMegrim
Dec 26 : 06:32AM

Re: Where's the Beef?
oh sweet Lawd.....hmmmm.....
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Dec 25 : 10:06PM

Where do you guys play now?
Not sure if any of you are sti...
Posted by spartanbard
Dec 17 : 01:52PM

Where's the Beef?

Posted by gonzo.the.great
Dec 04 : 01:21PM

TF2 is a Timeless Masterpiece

Posted by SoraPiroB
Nov 28 : 11:13AM

Mon Jan 27 2014, 02:31PM
More NEW Gravity Bong Admins!
Posted by Skyhawk in Gravity Bong News category.
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So you wake up in a panic, all sweaty and breathing hard. You just had a nightmare that scared the bejezus out of you so badly you are thankful to be awake. In your dream, you are happily heading through the enemy sewers without a care in the world. You think to yourself, "I'll grab that intel and be a credit to team". You check behind for spies and what you see sends a chill down your cartoon spine. Dickbut is closing fast on you, flamethrower dispensing waves of flame hotter than the fiery pits of Hell. You know you are already dead but refuse to accept your fate so you launch your rocket. Before you can blink, your own rocket is slamming into your face so you turn to run.

You round the corner to try to make your escape and find your path blocked by a Demoman, fiery eyes and raising his Loose Cannon to greet you. It's Opioid and you resolve you are now trapped in a cauldron of certain death. You see the Salvo of cannonballs launched in your direction and you feel your heartbeat in your throat. Instantaneously you are enveloped in a tornado of fire while cannonballs rip your digital body to pieces.

Now awake, you rock yourself back and forth, thanking the Gods you are no longer subject to the torment of Dickbut and Opioid. You repeat to yourself, "they can't get me, they can't get me" and then a new terror hits you like a ton of bricks, "Shit, my nightmares are real, they are my new admins". Welcome guys.

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gonzo.the.great [Jan 13 : 07:35AM]
Motherfucking Lasers.
Wolfwarrior27 [Jan 01 : 01:55AM]
Happy New Year
[BONG] BigJoeZD [Dec 31 : 02:02AM]
Hope you all have a great new year <3
gonzo.the.great [Dec 04 : 01:17PM]
knife_out [Dec 01 : 08:46PM]
Hey guys, I'm here to apply for the gift exchange.
GravyTrain [Nov 23 : 10:09AM]
Skyhawk [Nov 21 : 03:33PM]
Technically they have food. Actually they pretty much eat anything. Even the Chinese natives with us couldn't identify some of what we ate.
Jeepinator [Nov 18 : 09:27PM]
who plays fortnite? add me under jeepinator. I need non scrub duo partners and squad mates
gonzo.the.great [Nov 17 : 05:58PM]
How do you actually China?
Skyhawk [Nov 16 : 12:23PM]
China was nuts. It's like a whole other country.

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