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RIP Klaire You will forever be missed.
I see how it is. The BONG is finally ending it's decade long run and ya'll can't pop in for a minute to let me ask yo ...

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Re: Update soon pals
Nothin major yet. Still waiti...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Jul 21 : 03:13PM

Re: Update soon pals
Posted by Skyhawk
Jul 19 : 09:18PM

Re: Fourth of July 2017: What did you make!??!
All of that looks great! I've...
Posted by GravyTrain
Jul 13 : 12:18PM

Re: DustBowl 24/7
dustbowl and gpit were my favs...
Posted by GravyTrain
Jul 13 : 12:16PM

Re: Update soon pals
I saw that. I'm anxiously awa...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Jul 09 : 12:29AM

Re: Fourth of July 2017: What did you make!??!
I spent all day working and go...
Posted by Dickbut
Jul 07 : 10:46PM

Re: Update soon pals
Massive VAC ban a few days ago...
Posted by Dickbut
Jul 07 : 10:45PM

Fourth of July 2017: What did you make!??!
I know you guys/gals had some ...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Jul 07 : 10:46AM

DustBowl 24/7
I don't know why, but lately I...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Jul 07 : 09:23AM

Re: Update soon pals
Still waiting. Should be inte...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Jul 07 : 09:16AM


Mon Oct 27 2014, 09:00PM
Scream Fortress Is Coming Soon! Let's Talk About Gifts
Posted by TF2-RSS in Team Fortress 2 category.
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There's a long list of reasons why we look forward to the Team Fortress Halloween update every year. It's a chance for us to try some fun new things within the framework of a time-limited holiday. We're all really excited to see what you think of this year's event.

It's also an opportunity every year to revisit decisions we made it in previous years and see what we've learned and what we want to do differently. As one specific example, we've spent a bunch of time internally talking about the Halloween gift drops. We have a bunch of amazing content we're about to ship and we wanted to evaluate the gifting system to figure out if it was a good method for distributing some of that content.

When gift drops were introduced way back in 2011's Scream Fortress update, they were intended to be a small value-add — a simple bonus for all players participating in the update. As time went on and Halloween updates came and went, however, some players spent more and more time focusing on gifts, often to the detriment of the players they were playing with. The Halloween experience for many players now consists of sitting idle in a custom server while a plugin teleports them from gift spawn point to gift spawn point.

Ordinarily we don't mind if players do things that we don't personally enjoy as long as their fun doesn't harm the quality of experience for other players. In this particular case, however, because the overwhelming majority of gifts claimed went to a tiny handful of accounts, we feel comfortable characterizing the current system as blatantly and transparently unfair: While some farming accounts claimed more than five hundred gifts just last year, the median numbers of gifts claimed was only five.

As before, we're continuing to iterate on gifts for this year's event. In line with our original goals of giving all participating players some free Halloween content without affecting the core experience, this year we'll be giving every player one guaranteed gift bundle just for logging in during the event. This bundle will contain a random sample of some of this year's content, including some that would otherwise only have come from crates. To keep some of the fun of getting multiple gifts through the event, all players can earn a secondary bundle by completing some of the event achievements. Put together, these two bundles will grant more items per player than the median five gifts from last year.

Because historically the total number of gifts has been unbounded, and the distribution incredibly skewed, we have been greatly limited when it came to what sort of content we could distribute. As we're now more tightly controlling the distribution, we can grant a wider variety of more interesting content and we look forward to seeing you all get your hands on some of it in just a few days.


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holyass [Jul 20 : 07:50PM]
RealDownertwo [Jul 20 : 01:19AM]
i love you all
GravyTrain [Jul 16 : 02:56PM]
Caboose [Jul 11 : 01:22PM]
khamir-ubitch [Jul 07 : 09:19AM]
I've already ripped the audio. Just need to chop it up into one long "BACK up TURRRY....Baack up....OH LAWD!!"
GravyTrain [Jul 06 : 01:58PM]
Anyone with contact with Professor Jerk AKA Machine Fist show him doomfist pls
GravyTrain [Jul 06 : 01:57PM]
I thought of you when i saw that Khamir
khamir-ubitch [Jul 06 : 11:31AM]
https://streamable.com/18gie <--bootleg fireworks?
Dickbut [Jul 01 : 10:20PM]
workin sat sux
Wolfwarrior27 [Jun 25 : 02:40PM]
thats not that hot

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