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bullet gonzo.the.great on Sat Jan 13 2018, 07:35AM
Motherfucking Lasers.

bullet Wolfwarrior27 on Mon Jan 01 2018, 01:55AM
Happy New Year

bullet BigJoeZD on Sun Dec 31 2017, 02:02AM
Hope you all have a great new year <3

bullet gonzo.the.great on Mon Dec 04 2017, 01:17PM

bullet knife_out on Fri Dec 01 2017, 08:46PM
Hey guys, I'm here to apply for the gift exchange.

bullet GravyTrain on Thu Nov 23 2017, 10:09AM

bullet Skyhawk on Tue Nov 21 2017, 03:33PM
Technically they have food. Actually they pretty much eat anything. Even the Chinese natives with us couldn't identify some of what we ate.

bullet Jeepinator on Sat Nov 18 2017, 09:27PM
who plays fortnite? add me under jeepinator. I need non scrub duo partners and squad mates

bullet gonzo.the.great on Fri Nov 17 2017, 05:58PM
How do you actually China?

bullet Skyhawk on Thu Nov 16 2017, 12:23PM
China was nuts. It's like a whole other country.

bullet Dickbut on Sun Nov 05 2017, 10:15PM
do they have food in china

bullet gonzo.the.great on Sat Nov 04 2017, 08:50AM
This has been another Learning Momentâ„¢ with cosmic_marbles.

bullet cosmic_marbles on Fri Nov 03 2017, 11:56PM
Just remember, in China they don't call it "Chinese food". They just call it "food". You're welcome.

bullet GravyTrain on Fri Nov 03 2017, 08:17PM

bullet Dickbut on Thu Nov 02 2017, 10:18PM
Okay Skyhawk just don't wok too hard. HAHA HAHAHAHAHA GET IT GUYS I SAID WOK HAHA

bullet gonzo.the.great on Sat Oct 28 2017, 09:37PM
Oh god. Skyhawk in China. That sounds like a good B movie.

bullet Skyhawk on Sun Oct 22 2017, 10:22PM
I'm going to China for work tomorrow, 10 day trip, no idea what to expect.

bullet knife_out on Sun Oct 22 2017, 07:34PM
There's no ban in heaven, right?

bullet Dickbut on Sun Oct 22 2017, 12:01AM
we're all banned now, pal

bullet knife_out on Sat Oct 21 2017, 04:38PM
Am I still banned from the server?

bullet Roach on Sat Oct 21 2017, 02:18PM
Hello peeps. I'm alive and miss you all

bullet Dickbut on Wed Oct 18 2017, 09:35PM

bullet GravyTrain on Wed Oct 18 2017, 03:20PM
Nobody here talking about the update/event? Dickbutt? Hello?

bullet gonzo.the.great on Mon Sep 18 2017, 06:13PM
It's so nice that sudo was able to raise such a nice and sweet anti-christ.

bullet Skyhawk on Mon Sep 18 2017, 01:37PM
Sudo's pic of his kid wound up on The Chive this morning, photo #9

bullet BigJoeZD on Thu Sep 14 2017, 08:43PM
Psychonauts is available for free right now via Humble Bundle if anyone is interested

bullet khamir-ubitch on Fri Sep 08 2017, 09:41PM
Hurricanes abound. We got lucky here in South Texas. Stay safe my fellow Floridians. (and my heart goes out to our Texan folks affected)

bullet cosmic_marbles on Tue Sep 05 2017, 08:58PM
Stay safe Irma path friends!!! <3

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