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bullet gonzo.the.great on Mon Sep 18 2017, 06:13PM
It's so nice that sudo was able to raise such a nice and sweet anti-christ.

bullet Skyhawk on Mon Sep 18 2017, 01:37PM
Sudo's pic of his kid wound up on The Chive this morning, photo #9

bullet BigJoeZD on Thu Sep 14 2017, 08:43PM
Psychonauts is available for free right now via Humble Bundle if anyone is interested

bullet khamir-ubitch on Fri Sep 08 2017, 09:41PM
Hurricanes abound. We got lucky here in South Texas. Stay safe my fellow Floridians. (and my heart goes out to our Texan folks affected)

bullet cosmic_marbles on Tue Sep 05 2017, 08:58PM
Stay safe Irma path friends!!! <3

bullet Dickbut on Fri Sep 01 2017, 04:21PM
guys who misses hoblaster i sure don't

bullet cosmic_marbles on Thu Aug 24 2017, 09:38PM
Stay safe my coastal Texan friends! <3

bullet Wolfwarrior27 on Mon Aug 21 2017, 08:26PM
Its okay hes all better now

bullet Dickbut on Mon Aug 21 2017, 01:17PM
Um guys I think the Sun is sick today

bullet GravyTrain on Sun Jul 23 2017, 05:36PM
is fun

bullet GravyTrain on Sun Jul 23 2017, 05:35PM

bullet holyass on Thu Jul 20 2017, 07:50PM

bullet RealDownertwo on Thu Jul 20 2017, 01:19AM
i love you all

bullet GravyTrain on Sun Jul 16 2017, 02:56PM

bullet SoraPiroB on Wed Jul 12 2017, 10:28PM

bullet Caboose on Tue Jul 11 2017, 01:22PM

bullet khamir-ubitch on Fri Jul 07 2017, 09:19AM
I've already ripped the audio. Just need to chop it up into one long "BACK up TURRRY....Baack up....OH LAWD!!"

bullet GravyTrain on Thu Jul 06 2017, 01:58PM
Anyone with contact with Professor Jerk AKA Machine Fist show him doomfist pls

bullet GravyTrain on Thu Jul 06 2017, 01:57PM
I thought of you when i saw that Khamir

bullet khamir-ubitch on Thu Jul 06 2017, 11:31AM <--bootleg fireworks?

bullet Dickbut on Sat Jul 01 2017, 10:20PM
workin sat sux

bullet Wolfwarrior27 on Sun Jun 25 2017, 02:40PM
thats not that hot

bullet SoraPiroB on Fri Jun 23 2017, 09:05PM
must be 78 degrees out

bullet Wolfwarrior27 on Thu Jun 22 2017, 04:35PM
Chirp chirp

bullet Quinjelly on Tue Jun 06 2017, 09:44PM
Np , glad to hear you're recovering.

bullet DrakeMegrim on Tue Jun 06 2017, 04:08PM
Thanks! Things are looking okay so far. I've got a ways to go before I'm back to my former glory.

bullet Quinjelly on Sun Jun 04 2017, 07:31PM
Bad Hombres? Damn Drake, wish you a speedy recovery

bullet DrakeMegrim on Sun Jun 04 2017, 06:58AM
Sorry it took long to get to. I've been laid out from surgery.

bullet khamir-ubitch on Sat Jun 03 2017, 05:53PM
Damn. Lots of bad bots comin in.... If I were to have website admin rights....

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