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Tue Apr 28 2009, 12:27PM

Steam Alias: Wardiamond
Class: Medic
Posts: 163
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The only class where you can make people your weapon.

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Tue Apr 28 2009, 01:39PM

Steam Alias: w1ldt4ng3nt
Class: Spy
Posts: 291
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I developed quite a fondness for engie, and I'm pretty decent at it. I'm certain if I do this enough I'll drag my KPD up into 1+ territory

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Fri May 22 2009, 11:54AM

Steam Alias: [BONG] Caboose
Class: Medic
Posts: 770
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My favorite class was lunch..

What..? Wrong class..? Damn you! -shakes his fist as he's holding a ninja turtle action figure-

Mine is obviously the spy, along with demo, sniper and soldier.

Yes yes I know an old thread but..I was playing WoW for 6 months and misseded TF2. ;-;

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Sat May 23 2009, 05:56PM

Steam Alias: STEAM_0:1:5512446
Class: Heavy
Posts: 14
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Spreading panic among the interlopers is more fun than a barrel of coked up monkeys.

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Thu Sep 03 2009, 07:41PM

Steam Alias: N/A
Class: Heavy
Posts: 110
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Tie between sniper and medic. Depends whats needed more. I also play pyro and heavy regularly.

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Sat Jan 30 2010, 02:35PM

Steam Alias: Kronum
Class: Soldier
Posts: 3
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Gotta be soldier or spy, watch out if im out, cause you'll be dead!

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Sat Jan 30 2010, 02:38PM

Steam Alias: STEAM_0:0:7176459
Class: Pyro
Posts: 462
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Soldier. Though I'm really hit and miss with him (either doing 2:1 or .7:1 KPD), I'm guaranteed to have a good time either way.

Medic/Heavy can be fun, too, depending on how good my team is

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Sat Jan 30 2010, 04:06PM

Steam Alias: Probably something gay and anime.
Class: Medic
Posts: 906
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My my, how the times have changed for me.

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Sat Jan 30 2010, 04:12PM

Steam Alias: TheAntiHick
Class: Soldier
Posts: 3602
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TheAntiHick wrote ...

Engineer, pyro, and now a tie between medic and soldier.

Wow O.o...
I'm enjoying medic more than anything right now, really. And I'm picking engy back up.

Also, I think I'm going to retire as soldier when I hit 1K hours.

[ Edited Sat Jan 30 2010, 04:12PM ]
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Korben Dallas
Sun Nov 07 2010, 02:13PM

Steam Alias: Korben Dallas
Class: Soldier
Posts: 211
Liked 40 times in 13 posts

hmmm. I'm not quite sure yet

[ Edited Sun Nov 07 2010, 02:13PM ]
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