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Wed Jan 07 2009, 01:49AM

Steam Alias: silent
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So this is coming a little late, but with the turn of the new year, I thought I’d reflect a bit Just a warning-this may be a bit super-sappy and I apologize for shedding the “sooper-seriuz-buzinezz” silent persona for a minute.

Anyways, when I first got TF2 (an impulse buy at my roommate’s urging), I never expected to become so involved with a gaming community, let alone the depth with which I have found myself-elbows deep and so much more. Everyone here has made my return to gaming unexpectedly wonderful, and it’s an experience that I have greatly enjoyed; I have met some of the craziest, amazing, and insane people here. I find myself ignoring social callings and shunning my real-life friends for my other real-life friends-the ones I’ve made on the BONG.

I remember the first time I joined the BONG-it was the second server I had ever joined with all of thirty minutes of playtime, I was playing spy-confident that I would master its many faces while my roommate looked over my shoulder and laughed at my epic failness. I was fairly low-key then, but I came back time and time again because of the warm and welcoming atmosphere that the BONG provided for me-an atmosphere that I was drawn daily, coming back not for the gaming but for the people I knew I’d meet and come to know. Over time, I soon became a “regular,” and came to don the mantle of an admin-something that made me truly appreciate what the admins before me had done and the work they’d put into building this community. From that time until now, I’ve watched the BONG community grow, expand, and develop in ways I never could have imagined-and I’m grateful to be a part of that change, because I know that there’s still much more to come.

I have many monikers associated with silent, and I know that I sound like Eeyore over the mic, but despite my monotonous robot drone, I do love you guys-thanks for everything you all do to make my time on the BONG great-we have a fantastic base of regulars and a community unlike any other, and it’s awesome.

Y’all are amazing. I look forward to seeing where this community’s headed this year, because I know it’s gonna rock.

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 02:16AM

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When I first came to the BONG I thought it was a bunch of straight guys pretending to be homoerotic for the lulz... then I joined the forums and realized I was one of the soon to be many that broke Hicks heart.
I stick around because the constant circle of bitching is fun to be in the middle of.

What wonders 09 has in store for us... who knows? Hopefully a boxing and super smash bros tourney

Hetero love Silent, hetero love

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 04:08AM

Steam Alias: trademarkhero
Class: Medic
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Typically back when I played Team Fortress 2, before I joined BONG, I skipped from server to server. One of the first things I noticed is that BONG doesn't track stats in the text box, meaning nobody is going to see how much I fail at Team Fortress 2. So I kept coming back, and could be as fail as I want. Didn't say much at first. Then one day when I'm on I end up talking to silent. Which led to me talking to a few more people. The next thing I know, you join, a few people say "Hey, what's up?" It's a whole different experience. A experience I enjoy. That's why I play this server, and a huge part of the reason I come back to Team Fortress 2.

Now it's the beginning of 2009. I've been gone for about a month and a half-ish, due to a whole bunch of shit nobody wants to hear about, and this is really my 2nd or 3rd day back playing Team Fortress 2; playing on the BONG. I don't think I realized how much I missed it, and given how stressful things are, how awesome it is to just join the server and chill with you guys. Looking forward to 2009, should be killer. =D

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 05:33AM

Steam Alias: STEAM_0:1:19794599
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yeah I have never played on a server full of such cool people in my many years of CS/TFC/TF2.. I have had 2 dreams this week that deal with TF2 and the Bong server and each dream was awesome haha

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 12:54PM

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hoy wrote ...

yeah I have never played on a server full of such cool people in my many years of CS/TFC/TF2.. I have had 2 dreams this week that deal with TF2 and the Bong server and each dream was awesome haha

Did those dreams happen to include Hick showing you his prowess with the wrench? just wondering...

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 01:36PM

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I recall my first few times on the BONG, I joined teh BONG after my RL long time friend Plugz
met and gamed with afew of the Bong admins. (Helix and Iceman if I'm not mistaken) My first thought was eh this server is giving me pings of 60-90 ms, not as good as some East coast servers but there are usually enough people to make it a game. So began my tenure on the BONG. Overall there are servers and there are servers, but the BONG has that something special that makes you keep coming back for more.
The special ingredient imho is the people, you can have a full server full of like minded people but it takes a little more than that to make it a community. That is where the BONG differs from other servers. So to all the admins I tip my hat to you for the thankless job you all do to keep the fun and quality at a level we have all come to love and enjoy. I think Helix does a great job with the server despite a full college work load as well as all the social activities that go along with it. I especially want to thank the regulars who make the BONG experience what it is, for without you all this is just another server to frag and bag. There may be a ton of servers out there to play on and a shitload of communities to be a part of but the BONG is unique in achieving that perfect mix of characters and friends that give it the atmosphere none of us can seem to get enough thanks for giving a tool like me a place to call and REALLY FEEL like home.

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 01:42PM

Steam Alias: Jeepinator
Class: Heavy
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GB is definitely composed of a unique group of people. That is what attracted me to the server. I liked the fact that people actually talked and socialized while playing rather than being strictly about the game all the time. I can play here and nobody cares if I just watch the Scout run out the front door with the intelligence, most of the time anyway. I've been a part of several small gaming communities all of which have eventually fallen apart, but GB does seem different in some of the more important aspects. Those communities tried to expand much too quickly while we seem to be taking it a small step at a time.

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 01:59PM

Steam Alias: dragonball156
Class: soldier
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I remember when i first started playing on the GRAVITY BONG it when different admins where here.But i still thought it was a good community then i became an Admin.We are all cool as Admins and a cool community i remember when it was about 72 members now it is almost 300 it has grown alot over the last few months a community you don"t find any where else.

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 02:55PM

Steam Alias: Vali
Class: Medic
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I discovered tf2 because in July I got the first pc I've ever owned that's capable of any gaming.I'd seen tf2 jokes, references, and comics everywhere but they made no sense, so I started watching videos of it and the day my laptop arrived I couldn't wait to get tf2.

And because life is a funny thing, the Bong was one of the first servers I stumbled upon. My early days were spent playing W+M1 pyro, but I knew I was a noob and decided that I would watch other players to learn the game.

Unwittingly I chose a nublet to follow as scout, someone who ran around with his bat out and epic failed...for some reason that didn't seem off to me, so whoever that guy is, all those bs kills I get with a lolbat are his fault

Even worse, the first sentry I saw was an intel sentry. And it was there for like 10 rounds. So until Hick made the mistake of teaching me his engie shenanigans, I played engie in the intel XD

I already loved the community by then, I just didn't have a mic. Once I bought one, I knew I'd be here for a while.

So many things about the community are amazing and hilarious, there are so many defining traits that make the GB a unique community, something you won't find elsewhere.

Like the sheer number of straight guys that discuss penis with Hick (or the surprisingly high likelihood that you'll walk into a penis conversation when joining the server)

Or the fact that Sir Osis will have a sentry in the enemy intel and Noefear will demo camp the enemy grate almost every time they get on.

The fact that entire teams are sometimes composed of various fantastically proportioned body parts of Ms Crow's

Knowing that if I say "Calad-Medic in the front door!" it's far more effective than saying "Soldier-Medic"

And I can't forget our paint can cult. G, Pimpalio, and I share a special bond through that

My very nonsensical and drawn out point is this: You'll never find another community quite like this one and I'm glad that I arrived here somehow.

By the way... Do you guys have Xbox Live for Xbox?

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 03:49PM

Steam Alias: nofear005
Class: Scout
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My Xbox Live GamerTag is NoFear05

Well since everyone is posting their story, I might as well tell mine.
Originally I played TF2 for the 360 and realized that it would be a lot better on PC. One Christmas and summer of saving up money I built my own rig.
So, I started playing TF2 going to server to server not really having too much fun when my best friend told me that his uncle, Noefear was a admin on a server called Gravity Bong. From the stories my friend told me about what an awesome demo he was, I just had to go there and get owned by him.
And own me he did.

One funny thing however, within my first 30 minutes of getting owned by Noefear Hick banned me by "accident".
Till this day I still don't know how you accidentally ban someone but Im still here.

Another is I didnt copy Noefear's name.... just one of those crazy coincidences I guess.

I came back to the BONG server because something was different there. People actually talked. Before this time, every server I went to, no one talked. This bugged me... a lot. The other reason I came back is because nobody got overly pissed off when I screwed up.
Also, the people I met were one of a kind.

Now, 6 months later I've become a regular and almost never go anywhere else to play TF2.

So thanks to everyone at the Gravity BONG for making this a amazing experience, and a awesome place to be. I look forward to this year hanging out with all of you!

[ Edited Thu Jan 08 2009, 12:12AM ]
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