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Wed Jan 07 2009, 04:15PM

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a low ping search got me to the bong, and the bong got me high.

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 04:46PM

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Until last year, I never experienced the joys of having high speed internet. When that changed, I realized I could finally get back into PC gaming, and bought the first decent gaming rig I've had since 2001. Being the long time TFC player that I was, it didn't take too long for me to pick up TF2. I was hesitant, even anxious, when joining a game for the first time. It had been 3+ years since I'd done any online gaming. I installed TF2 on May 16th. I found the Bong on May 18th. I immediately knew that there was something completely right. I don't think I played a single actual round of anything other than 2fort until about 4 months later.

As some of you know, around that time the Bong saw a few rough days. Alot of old regulars were leaving, a little bit of drama--but still, the bong remained a welcoming, friendly, amazing place to play. I didn't have a headset then, but I still enjoyed talking to people. I think my horrendous KPD was due in part to stopping randomly in stupid places to type something (the other part being all the suicide engy runs--took a while to realize that didn't work quite as well without EMP grenades). I never really let it all out, however. This was a video game community, after all, populated by mostly straight guys. At least, I thought it was . I kept all my dirty comments to myself, pretty much closeted myself for the sake of the game. Then I got a mic, and it became much harder to hide. Luckily, the more I opened up, the more I realized just how amazing all of the Bongers really are. I'm about as different as a person can come, but I was accepted immediately.

This was further shown when, not long after, I was offered the position of admin. I gladly accepted, but I didn't really know what to expect. Honestly, there was a bit more involved than I would have thought. There were times in the days of no reserved slots that I was sorely tempted to log out of steam . However, to every single person I've helped, I have been glad to do so. I will continue to be glad to do so. If I'm busy, I still check my computer for messages. If I'm sleeping and I wake up enough to see that I have a new message I always get out of bed and check it. As you guys know, foiling the plans of a server troll is one of my greatest joys in life. What you may not know is that I enjoy it so much, not because I'm giving a d-bag what they deserve, but because I know it's making a more enjoyable environment for people that I consider my friends.

I've seen many regulars come and go, But I've seen quite a few more come (no snickering!). The bong has grown so much since I've been here, and I'm glad to be a part of that. We've actually outgrown our server, and are now *successfully* getting a rotation server up and running. And it's all thanks to you guys. All of the regulars, you know who you are, that have been joining me on the second server every night--thank you. Thank you. Fucking thank you. I appreciate you so much. Honestly, I've been getting pretty burnt out with TF2 lately, and I know alot of you have felt the same. This server has rekindled my love for the game, and it wouldn't be possible at all without you.

I love you guys. You've seen me at my best, and at my worst, and you've been supportive at times when I probably haven't really deserved it. I've made so many real connections with so many people on this server. I really can't thank helix, and those that helped to get this community going before me, enough.

Happy 09 everybody!

(Also, nofear, technically it wasn't an accident--it was a technical fuck up. I tried to ban someone who wasn't on the server using their steam ID, and even though it was completely different from yours, it banned you as well as that person. No clue why it happened, it hasn't happened to me since)

Also-- ftw bitches!!

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 06:19PM

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Okay, I've never really played any other FPS, never really into the whole PVP thing... until I came here. I played on 2 or 3 other servers when I first got TF2. Then Captain Morgan/Donut/my middle kid started playing on TGB, and I heard about all these great guys. So I had to check it out. Just being a good parent, right? After spending more time here than anywhere else, I asked Helix if I could wear the tag. He said yes, and I rejoiced! Made friends, made Admin, watched drama happen...and we healed.

I've been around for quite some time now, and I have to say, if I had a chance, I'd have a drink with any member of this community. I count you all among my friends.

Enough of the touchy feely crap. I come here because I love blowing/burning you guys up. I get a kick out of seeing your corpses at my feet.

Oh, and yeah... I don't mind dying to you, either.

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 06:31PM

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I don't know when i found the bong
I remember it being a long ass time ago and i didn't say much at all except for the occasional diabeetus joke. I remember trying to snipe for the first time (against codeseven and naku which completely sucked since i couldn't take a step onto battlements without getting killed). I remember sniping against hick the first time he joined the server. The whole cyclone thing and being accused of hacking (apparently i was a pyro shooting rockets.....). I've been apart of the bong for a while and i have enjoyed every bit of it.

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 06:42PM

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The Gravity Bong in 2008, wow where to begin. The server had been up a couple months already, going live on the second day of TF2 beta. I was in the same boat as Hick, a long fan of TFC where I ran a similar community and was an admin for both UGC and STA leagues. I saw TF2 coming out, and thought "I'm getting a server, right from the start of this game"... and so I did. Many don't know that the Gravity Bong, was once just called "The Bong", however, The Gravity Bong had a better ring to it.

After countless nights of sitting in the server by myself, we would have about 1-3 hours a night where the server would have a decent game and people stuck around. Long story short, eventually we got a generally steady crowd, not saying the BONG was nearly as popular as it is now, but there was a small community in place. I decided we should get forums and stats, and so we did. I'd be suprised how many people actually can think back to our old site and forums... which would later be replaced in june 2008 with this in-depth community website...

The BONG was a child, didn't know anything more than a small community of players just playing 2fort nightly... and to be honest that is all anyone cared about and needed. The thought of even changing to a different map back then, gah... And believe it or not, this was when i was going to school for my bachelors degree, and would have countless hours to play with everyone! Yeah, I used to play alot... despite all the hassle i get now hehe.

It really continued like that through the first couple months of 2008, then one random night while I was playing, a stranger named Cyrus Lopez came into the server, and within minutes offered us a server. I thought it was a joke for at least 2 hours while talking with him, but eventually we got it setup, and had a second server for the BONG. The community wasn't nearly like it is now, and was not ready to grow into a second server, and in addition Cyrus and a couple of our older admins did not get along. So Cyrus resigned and stepped away from the community. It wouldn't be the end of our strict admin reign.

We had a brief admin de'coup at the beginning of summer and lost the majority of our admins and some of the community, the admins and I had different views on how the BONG should be run, and without getting into the drama, they left, and the BONG continued on. I really want to thank the admins that overcame pressure and stuck around... Nickatnite, Slippermint, Mama, and Noefear. These guys really helped pull it back together so we could survive.

We checked out who was out there for a couple weeks, and in july hired silent, hick, naku and dragonball all on the same day. Little did we know we would be hiring the dream team to accompany and help push the BONG to something more. We later hired Haxus in the summer, who needs no introduction, he's Haxus. Then recently we got another great player to help us out and step up, Sudo.

So basically the biggest change in 2008 I have witnessed is a dream admin staff come into place, and really make this community what it is. I'm not saying the regulars arn't important, you guys are the most diverse perfectly fitting community I could ever imagine. However, the admins here are just incredible. Everyone knows I don't get to play too much, while I do spend alot of time working on the site and servers, i consider our whole admin staff the leaders of the community. The admins who are in-game day in and day out, are the true leaders of this place and the ones that keep it running.

And from there, the community just really got in the right groove, with a good staff, and community in place and saw lots of growth. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that the community would have become what it is now. While i'm not around in game much, and am not as close to all the members of the community as I would like to be, I must say that anytime I join up, I thoroughly get a thrill from you guys, and enjoy every single moment.

So yeah, it has been a great year, and I am very proud to be a part of what I would consider one of the most unique and quality gaming communities out there. I'd like to leave with posting our old frosty tournament banner from last year. Thanks everyone & Bong on.

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sudo kill -9
Wed Jan 07 2009, 07:07PM

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2008 , what a fucking-fantastic-fucking year for me and online gaming.

I don't really remember when I joined TGB, I had a different name back then - I think I've only went by sudo for half the time I played TF2. I do remember Code being admin and a couple of others. Is there a way to check, by steamID, when you first joined by the way?.


I joined and got a long real well with everyone. I really enjoyed Code, Iceman, Helix and some others. When the drama happened with Cyrus, it infuriated me, because I think I got along with him the best. With a fiery rage I left TF2 for about 1-3 months and played World of Warcraft.

After a short sojourn away from TGB, I returned to find a lot of the admins gone. I saw Iceman on a couple of times and never saw Code again. To be perfectly honest I was completely fine with that - they apparently caused a lot of drama - and I'm not down with that at all. As a lot of you know I'm a pretty easy going fella'.

With that gone, I saw some new admins and regulars really catch my eye. Mama, Silent, Nick, Hick, and many many others were frequenting this server. Whether they were on before in the earlier days I don't remember (my memory sucks). I really took a liking to these new faces that started noticing and could tell that they were the type of people I would hang out with in real life.

After, I'm sure, pissing people all with my relentless quest to get better at sniping, I started to get to know people a little more. Before, I had been involved with some of the original drama on the forums, but logged back in and vowed to not let my frustrations get the better of me.

After getting involved with the forums more often, I had come to realize the sheer duplicate edge that the forum brought to my online experience. It filled my need to be a part and help out in a community and I got to kill people!.

Thusly, lastly and furthermore - I'd like to continue the trend of sappy remarks and say if anyone ever needs anything let me know. Whether it's to vent off at another player, something someone else did, whether you need demonoid invites, linux/unix advice, or free webhosting - just ask.


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Wed Jan 07 2009, 08:31PM

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good times

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 08:50PM

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blah blah blah, I'm still here ain't I? hehe happy belated new years.

Team Red to win Frosty Fest! Hoorah!

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 10:36PM

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Wow, such heartfelt sentiments.

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Wed Jan 07 2009, 11:46PM

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Being able to come back and play on The Gravity Bong server (thanks Joker, DragonBall, and Hick) was and still is a great experience. I'm very impressed with how far the entire community has come and would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all the hard work that has gone into it. I know first-hand that growing a community isn't easy.

I cut my teeth on TF2 with the bong community and hope to continue with that into 2009.

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