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Wed Jan 14 2009, 10:56AM

Steam Alias: TheAntiHick
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But...but...I *AM* a self loving stat whore...


[ Edited Wed Jan 14 2009, 10:57AM ]
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Sun Jan 25 2009, 08:58PM

Steam Alias: Louie the Lovable Lungfish
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Oh man, I play with you guys cause you're all a buncha tools.


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Mon Jan 26 2009, 02:37AM

Steam Alias: jgrey
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Huh, so I started playing on the server in something like May of 2008 (maybe a little later), before Cyrus left (I honestly to this day have no idea what the details are on that. It's not important to me that I know, and, at the time, I wasn't really familiar with many people on the server), before most of the current admin staff were even admins (incidentally, it's good to have to have you back, Cyrus. I enjoy having you around =). Like several other individuals, I originally chose GB for the low ping. I'd had good experience searching around and eventually finding a server to call home with Enemy Territory (ET), and hoped for a similar experience with TF2. Indeed, I found that in the Gravity Bong. Truthfully, I found in ET was that part of what made the server I chose continue to thrive was that it was a rotation server, and, after a while, I began to lose interest in TF2, and the GB for that reason in particular. I love the rotation server and will play on it over 2fort 90% of the time (a few maps I'm not a fan of not withstanding). Now, having moved, I find that my ping, instead of being sub 50, is often over 100, but, so long as I can manage to play, I’ll be around.

Thanks for the fun you have all brought to my life and I’ll see ya all around.

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