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Timeth Quet
Wed Jan 14 2009, 04:40PM

Steam Alias: Timeth Quet
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The food looks great guys! Did you just use a lighter for the creme brulee cake?

And I love how much variety you have in your cooking Khamir. I've usually stuck with italian recipes or classic American recipes; but have lately tried branching out more.

Uhm, well I've been cooking since..maybe the 8th grade? But it wasn't till my Sophmore year that I really started getting into it and just the last couple months that I've dedicated myself to the art. This was mainly to help me keep my mind occupied due to problems in my personal life, but now I'm hooked and have fallen in love!

I have next sunday's meal planned out; Hick suggested I go with an asian menu so I picked: Beef Stir-fry, Chicken dumblings and Egg-drop soup. Good, bad, would you have picked something differently?

Keep the thread going guys!

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Wed Jan 14 2009, 04:45PM

Steam Alias: Vicofire
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I'm suddenly hungry...

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Wed Jan 14 2009, 04:51PM

Steam Alias: silent
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Timeth Quet wrote ...

Chicken dumblings


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Wed Jan 14 2009, 05:01PM

Steam Alias: [BonG] Dr. KhAmiR M.D.
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Next Sunday's meal sounds GOOD! I'd pull up a chair, no problem Don't forget a pic or two...

The Korean, Indian and Caldo mariscos were all from restaurants. I don't cook, just BBQ. My Girl is the queen of the kitchen...heh

She cooks mostly Mexican, Italian and some other stuff, but that's the staple of what we eat. We live in a very "brown" part of the country so we get all sorts of Mexican food ingredients that most don't - fresh.

[ Edited Wed Jan 14 2009, 05:02PM ]
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Timeth Quet
Wed Jan 14 2009, 05:19PM

Steam Alias: Timeth Quet
Class: Your mother
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Oh I will. I plan on taking pictures for every sunday meal, and then additional photos of things I cook on the side throughout the week. I'll be making more of the cheesecake this week, so I'll take a picture of that for sure.

It's funny...stuff on the grill is the one thing I just can't cook x.X

I dunno, I have horrible timing and either undercook or over cook everything (mainly pertaining to burgers)

What nationality is she? Italian or Spanish? Or does she just like that kind of food?

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Wed Jan 14 2009, 07:15PM

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Timeth, as far as your picture taking skillz go, just put a gun in the picture to distract people with your manliness... Hasnt the internet taught you anything?

Also, make me this:

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Timeth Quet
Wed Jan 14 2009, 07:26PM

Steam Alias: Timeth Quet
Class: Your mother
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That is so disgusting XD

I could never eat that much stuff.

Erm...would water guns do? >.>I don't own anything super manly D: (maybe slip a pink shirt in there xD)

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Wed Jan 14 2009, 07:29PM

Steam Alias: Pimpalio
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hella posting a picture of bacon pancakes

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Wed Jan 14 2009, 07:38PM

Steam Alias: dragonball156
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looks yummy

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Wed Jan 14 2009, 09:57PM

Steam Alias: Mama
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Hmm, I'll have to look for my pics of things I've cooked, but my favorite right now was the meatloaf I made last time. I used 1.5 lbs of hamburger, and .5 Italian sausage, Italian seasoned bread crumbs (instead of normal, or crackers) and marinara sauce as the liquid. Topped with some shredded parm and mozzarella cheeses, after almost done. YUMMY.

I also love to do stir fry. Multiple combinations of veggies/meat/sauce. Good almost any way you do it.

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