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Sun Oct 11 2009, 10:50AM

Steam Alias: no idea
Class: Spy
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G-240 wrote ...

Works great, thanks!

OMG where did you get background D:

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Sun Oct 11 2009, 11:30AM

Steam Alias: sa3r3t
Class: Wizard
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That background is epic failure in such a wintastic way, G. I lold.

Also, i'm having trouble getting it to work, i've tried a few different things and i dont really get whats going wrong.

[ Edited Sun Oct 11 2009, 11:54AM ]
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Sun Oct 11 2009, 12:13PM

Steam Alias: jgrey
Class: Engineer
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For starters, do you have a tf/resource folder?

If you do, does it have anything in it? (if it does, what does it have?)

Alternatively if you don't have a tf/resource folder, you've got to create one (see the prior page).

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Sun Oct 11 2009, 02:15PM

Steam Alias: sa3r3t
Class: Wizard
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got it working

[ Edited Sun Oct 11 2009, 02:29PM ]
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Sun Oct 11 2009, 05:21PM

Steam Alias: Same as here (usually)
Class: Pyro
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Apparently there is a mod out there that will change your background to a bunch of bots running a demo. If I remember correctly, you can set the level/ number of bots/ classes and everything... I'll see if I can dig it up.

Great menu Wit, I'm gonna have to get off my ass and install it.

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Sun Nov 01 2009, 10:01PM

Steam Alias: WD!!! Drake
Class: Demoman
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Maybe sticky this instead of the older menu?

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Mon Nov 02 2009, 09:02AM

Steam Alias: 76561197979240110
Class: Sniper
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[ Edited Sat Jun 04 2016, 12:38AM ]
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