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The Rock
Tue Oct 07 2008, 06:57PM

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I'll start this simply by posting my song im listening too.
( Note to everyone: no flaming anyone, we all like different genre's, so no need to bash OOOKAY?)

DJ Khaled - Brown Paper Bag (posted youtube link for easy listening )

Im mostly into mainstream radio music, rock, rap (the good oldschool kind), classic, techno, etc etc.. right now im listening to a newer R&B song that I like! So what are you bongin' too?

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Sir Osis
Tue Oct 07 2008, 07:56PM

Steam Alias: Sir Osis of Liver
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There are too many O's in the title.

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Tue Oct 07 2008, 08:00PM

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Right now I'm listening to the ringing in my right ear. Stupid tinnitus. I should probably put some music on.

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Tue Oct 07 2008, 08:04PM

Steam Alias: Vali
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Sir Osis wrote ...

There are too many O's in the title.


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Tue Oct 07 2008, 08:44PM

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Once In a Lifetime - DragonForce

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Tue Oct 07 2008, 09:39PM

Steam Alias: Ganja
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Death - Lack Of Comprehension

I'm into a lot of different stuff, my favorite genre being Death Metal, but I also like rap (old school of course), oldies, techno, indie, psychedelic. Those are the main genres I listen to but I also branch out from those.

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Wed Oct 08 2008, 10:57AM

Steam Alias: dragonball156
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Me myself i listen to heavy metal,hard rock,little rap,sometimes if i get relly toasted i like bob marly to....

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Wed Oct 08 2008, 04:53PM

Steam Alias: frostmute
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Instead of individual songs, here are the artist' that im listening to this week...

Cancer Bats
Misery Signals
Metallica (WOOT for Death Magnetic)
My Morning Jacket
The Mars Volta

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Sir Osis
Wed Oct 08 2008, 06:06PM

Steam Alias: Sir Osis of Liver
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I've been on a Jets to Brazil and Weakerthans kick lately. Also been listening to ourselves a lot lately so I can try and remember ques. I'm failing.

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Sun Oct 26 2008, 08:16PM

Steam Alias: STEAM_0:0:16513303
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i am an audiophile, so i listen to anything and everything i can get my hands on which is a current library exceeding 250GB. right now i am really into post-rock, or instrumental rock which is related to the minimalist movement in classical music. here are a few good bands for anyone who might be interested. this is really chill shit, so do not expect many words, or to hear it on the radio. its great to play when you're toking, gaming or want to listen to something while you sleep.

Explosions in the Sky
Mono (Japan)
Do Make Say Think
Dirty Three
Red Sparrowes
Russian Circles
Godspeed You Black Emporer

...just to name a few.

anyways, i am always looking for new music, so please share with me! you can count on me to do the same.

on a more popular note, ive been digging the new 'portugal the man' album called 'censored colors.'

i would have to say that one of my favorite bands is 'the mars volta.' they put on an amazing show.

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