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Sat Nov 24 2012, 07:48PM

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My opinion, do with it what you will. I never go into a game and dread going up against someone just because they have a specific weapon. Over the time that I have spent playing TF2 I have learned the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon not only by going up against it, but by using it first hand. There are always ways to shut someone down. Always.

I don't think anything should be changed. If weapons are going to start being banned or toned, then like others have said you might as well go vanilla because there's sure to be people who complain about other weapons not being changed/removed. There are too many varying skill levels. While some of you may say, "These are no skill weapons" or "anyone can use that" well it may be true but look at the players that are on the GB. There are some really good players. Leaving these weapons means that people with low skill and people new to the game are able to compete against these great players.

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Sat Nov 24 2012, 09:47PM

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AntiHick wrote ...

Drake you should do some of the legwork and figure out how to do some of this shit before making promises that end up getting dumped in my lap that I don't know how to keep.

I've mention in the admin servers that I use a whitelist on the comp server and I'd figure it out if we used it and a friend runs a server that he modded weapons on and I asked him about it before I made the post. I wouldn't ask you to do any of the leg work and I just wanted to get a feel for what the regs think.

serenissima wrote ...

how bout everyone quite bitching and just play the game with the legit albeit shitty weapons. This has been a problem with the game since Valve implemented "the other" weapons. you all talk about banning weapons. . . but how about getting rid of replays, crits, and Jukebox since these cause many more problems than some asshat using some shitty weapon because he got it via random drop. Heaven forbid challenge be added to a grossly imbalanced game. Might as well disable all non-default weapons as they are all kinds of Bullshit.

We're just talking about the possibility of changing weapons/set bonuses. If you can't conduct yourself in civil manner without insulting people how about you just get the fuck out?

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Sat Nov 24 2012, 11:37PM

Steam Alias: Mama
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Everybody chill out.

Personally I feel we should leave things as they are. Set bonuses like the piss set definitely give lower skilled players the ability to feel less incompetent. I should know... I'm a mediocre (at best) sniper.

If we start changing/banning weapons, I'm going to start slaying/banning people who bitch about "body shots" and "w+m1 pyros"

Whether it's a legitimate tactic or weapon, or if it just pisses someone off, there is always a way to counter anything.

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Sat Nov 24 2012, 11:41PM

Steam Alias: silent
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I agree with Mama, I think everything should stay as is. I know it gets frustrating sometimes with some of the items, but I still just grit my teeth and figure out new ways to get things done, defend, or kill the other players. I would strongly disagree with modifying sets, items, or anything like that. In general, I like playing spy with the original vanilla set, but sometime I do enjoy using DR, or when playing other classes I like to try out new weapons-there's nothing I've really run into that I feel is ridiculously overpowered to the point that I can't eventually learn how to counter. It just forces me to be a little more innovative, and if not, then that's my fault.

If it were up to me, I would ban pyros.

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Sat Nov 24 2012, 11:57PM

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The problem has never been the weapons - it's how people conduct themselves. Punishments for using what's in the game need to be made on a player-to-player basis, i.e. if someone is on the battlements using the Croc-O-Style set with a medic, taunting after kills, I'll probably issue a little admin justice. I'd never want to get alter or get rid of weapons because a) that would alienate new players, and b), as was mentioned previously, lesser players may need that (supposed) advantage, which, unfortunately for some, this is a public 2Fort server, so there are going to be new/inferior players.

[ Edited Sat Nov 24 2012, 11:57PM ]
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Sun Nov 25 2012, 09:08AM

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r_nevermind wrote ...

Personally I feel we should leave things as they are.

I wasn't going to weigh in because I didn't have an opinion but I agree with Mama and Silent Agent. Maybe it's just my Alzheimers, but I've never raged over OP weapons. Everything has a counter and Opie and Yahoozle make good points about OP weapons giving new players an even playing field. I personally hate the demo shields but when I get repeated deaths from someone using it, I either go pyro and airblast them back, go engie and carry around a mini sentry to drop in their path, or keep my distance and neeedle gun them. You just exploit their weaknesses.

If the community wanted nerfs, I was just going to go with it but where does it end and how do we decide on a list? Poll enough players and you could get enough votes to nerf all the weapons.

Dickbut, your kpd is 3.76. I think you deal with OP weapons just fine.

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Sun Nov 25 2012, 12:20PM

Steam Alias: Natascha
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I agree to a point. When people actively complain about a couple of certain things, I think the logical thing to do is to remove those THINGS. I think as long as we can implement it, it will satisfy those who have already said they're complaints, and since this is a forum, I think adequate time has been granted for those wishing to say their piece. I think ultimately wasn't this thread created because of a bunch of complaints?

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Sun Nov 25 2012, 03:02PM

Steam Alias: silent
Class: Spy
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When you end up removing something (that's intrinsically there) due to "a lot of complaints", you then open the door to a lot MORE complaints, and are held to a certain standard of "well if you did it for that, why not for this [weapon]/[combination of players]/[play style]?".

I think we're better off leaving things in the game-we do have a lot of mods/plugins, but nothing that takes away from game-play (e.g. adding rubberband medic). A lot of the complaints I see are people being lazy and not wanting to change THEIR play style to counter whoever is beating them. For example, a sniper vs. a sniper + piss set and/or a medic. A spy, soldier, scout, demo, whatever can play against that combination fairly easily, but if a sniper can't get a good kill via head shot people's panties get twisted in a wad. I've played as an engineer against spies with the RTR, and yes, while it's infuriating to have to rebuild every two seconds, it's not like I haven't been able to rebuild and simply be more vigilant about who can get close to my buildings. There are plenty of other examples, but I'll spare you the wall of text.

Just my two cents.

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Sun Nov 25 2012, 04:00PM

Steam Alias: TheAntiHick
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I see both sides, and I've never been closer to wanting to support an all out weapon ban than I have with that stupid fucking sapper.

However, I worry where we might end up if we take the first few steps down this slippery road. This is a casual, noncompetitive server, so cutting out game content would feel like chipping away at our main demographic to me.

I dunno, I'm just gonna stand back and watch this one unfold.

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Sun Nov 25 2012, 05:59PM

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Fun Fact: Red Tape Recorder was "fixed" to make it downgrade buildings slower, but Valve goofed and the fix only applied to teleporters. Sentries and dispensers still downgrade just as quickly as before the patch.

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