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Fri Dec 21 2012, 08:49AM

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Skyhawk wrote ...

...It also should not be left on with no admins on the server.

This. Absolutely this. I feel like 4/5 times that I join the server now when there's no admin on alltalk is left on.

I agree with the general sentiment though-I feel like there's a time and place for alltalk, and I personally dislike it when a full server's on and there's a serious game going on. By "serious", I mean a game where I usually get assigned to a team that's being utterly wasted by a team of regulars playing a team whose players are rage-quitting. Regulars who insist on joining spectator if they get autobalanced and hanging out there until a spot opens on the "winning" team.

If all talk is being left on so that you can talk to each other despite what team you're on, then play that way. If this isn't the case, and you're going to inevitably return to the team where you have fun winning on, then all talk is going off, no vote-if only to allow me a way to communicate with my team and attempt to challenge being steamrolled.

Just my two cents.

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Fri Dec 21 2012, 10:32AM

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Pretty much what Silent and others said.

As far as a Teamspeak or mumble server, our host actually includes a TS server free with our TF2 server... we've just never set it up.

We are a public server and anytime we start deviating from being just that I think issues will arise. I believe a lot of newer players come back because of Hick and other regulars who are hilarious and fun over voice chat. If they join and the server is quiet because everyone is on TS, you're really cutting out the general atmosphere of a public server.

[ Edited Fri Dec 21 2012, 10:35AM ]
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Fri Dec 21 2012, 10:42AM

Steam Alias: Skyhawk
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Hickin' aint easy, and it is tougher without an open mic.

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Fri Dec 21 2012, 06:03PM

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I am pretty sure its probably 50% my fault as far as it being left on...I've been trying to remember to turn it back off, but quite frankly there are a LOT of times when I have to go, and I ask everyone there, (and/or they request) that I leave it on. So, as far as that goes, if you think it would be better to just turn it off, and not consider the current crowd, I can do that....OR I can just let an admin know, or something...that I need to leave..
As far as with or without alltalk, I am both ways. There are times when I really cannot stand having alltalk on, and then there are times when I really want it on. I don't really get the choice... I always follow the crowd, unless I have a really good reason.. And I will almost always come in and vote off alltalk if a team is being steamrolled and sometimes turn it off anyway if the other team is being douchey.
Soo... yeah..... I'll work on that.

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