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sudo kill -9
Mon Apr 15 2013, 09:17PM

Steam Alias: [BONG] sudo kill -9
Class: Sniper
Posts: 1419
Liked 13 times in 4 posts

So, I turned on the only way to successfully destroy a piss sniper (as another sniper) ... corner camping machina douche!

I dom'd this piss sniper over and over, and on the last time, I shot through him and killed the OTHER sniper and got a dom on both of them at the same time on that shot. Never saw that before.

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Mon Apr 15 2013, 09:24PM

Steam Alias: WD!!! Drake
Class: Demoman
Posts: 3520
Liked 113 times in 74 posts

Lol. Poor Progess.

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Mon Apr 15 2013, 09:32PM

Steam Alias: Shadowswift
Class: Scout
Posts: 93
Liked 1 times in 1 posts

i've done that before. It's the best feeling ever

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Mon Apr 15 2013, 09:37PM

Steam Alias: The Grand Inquisitor
Class: Soldier
Posts: 135
Liked 0 times in 0 posts

Very Impressive!

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Tue Apr 16 2013, 12:19PM

Steam Alias: BONG | Luna
Class: Demoman
Posts: 272
Liked 1 times in 1 posts

HAHA Serves the douche right! (not drakhen)
Thanks for doing that btw

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Tue Apr 16 2013, 12:33PM

Steam Alias: Same as here (usually)
Class: Pyro
Posts: 1756
Liked 21 times in 5 posts

Nice. I am still a proponent of going caber demo and taking over the bad guy battlements when there's a piss sniper on the server.

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Tue Apr 16 2013, 12:40PM

Steam Alias: TheAntiHick
Class: Soldier
Posts: 3602
Liked 3 times in 1 posts

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Tue Apr 16 2013, 12:41PM

Steam Alias: Mama
Class: Pyro
Posts: 2460
Liked 38 times in 25 posts

Well done, Sudo. I'm not that good of a sniper, and even *I* don't use the piss set (anymore).

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Tue Apr 16 2013, 12:52PM

Steam Alias: What, you wanna be my gf or something?
Class: Engineer
Posts: 339
Liked 0 times in 0 posts

No AA?
Absolutely disgusting.

Good work on the double dominatrix.

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Tue Apr 16 2013, 07:21PM

Steam Alias: Aelus
Class: Sniper
Posts: 216
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Sudo that probably felt fucking wonderful. I'm envious.

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