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Horatio Caine
Sat Jun 29 2013, 04:57AM

Steam Alias: Bologna
Class: Soldier
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#1.Baseball time!

#2. This is a pretty good Chris Brown "dat ass" face.

#3. I immediately didn't mind dying, with this as the kill picture.

#4. This is Hick's "concentrating" face. Or his shitting face. Idk.

#5. More baseballs.

#6. Klaire, holy shit.

#7. I really like the derp face Locke is pulling in this.


#9. Pwnsausage and his evil doppelganger.

#10. Yeah, that's a reasonable amount of blood.


#12. Right in the ass.

#13. Seren doing some weird tribal dance after killing me.

#14. What a horrifying sight.

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Sat Jun 29 2013, 05:17AM

Steam Alias: WD!!! Drake
Class: Demoman
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Awesome shots!

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Sun Jun 30 2013, 06:11AM

Steam Alias: joey99964
Class: Heavy
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Ohey thats me! But i'm dead
These are old, jeez

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Mon Jul 01 2013, 09:34AM

Steam Alias: DyingFetus
Class: Pyro
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Very Nice!

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Tue Jul 02 2013, 05:49AM

Steam Alias: [BonG] Dr. KhAmiR M.D.
Class: Medic
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I love the dancing seren pic. I also love seeing screenshots. I wish people would post more of them. Thanks!

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Tue Jul 02 2013, 03:49PM

Steam Alias: Mama
Class: Pyro
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khamir-ubitch wrote ...

I love the dancing seren pic. I also love seeing screenshots. I wish people would post more of them. Thanks!

/agree I hardly ever take screenshots, but when I do they're saved to my Steam profile. None of them are as good as the ones posted here.

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