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Tue Nov 05 2013, 12:54AM

Steam Alias: Tacos de Tripa
Class: Medic
Posts: 239
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Yay or nay!

Yes. As long as Tacos is nowhere hear it.

Ban Knifeout.


With the whole reddit secret santa thing, i got the brilliant idea of trying one on the GB. I can oraganize it if a more qualified person dosent want to.

Also what would be the ground rules.

No homos or jews.

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Tue Nov 05 2013, 01:59AM

Steam Alias: Kitt
Class: Pyro
Posts: 169
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I approve of this poll.

In all seriousness though that might be cool if it isn't just a giant clusterfeck

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Denver Dave
Tue Nov 05 2013, 02:28AM

Steam Alias: Danger Dave[BONG]
Class: Engineer
Posts: 1096
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This will probably go almost as well as those dudes from clans who want to do a scrimmage.

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Tue Nov 05 2013, 05:39AM

Steam Alias: Vali
Class: Medic
Posts: 1203
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I just want knifeout banned. Everyone getting presents would be a nice bonus though.

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Tue Nov 05 2013, 06:52AM

Steam Alias: [BONG] Knife_Out (Chillin') -J-
Class: Sniper
Posts: 263
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I voted to ban myself, because I am a menace to the social order.

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Tue Nov 05 2013, 08:55AM

Steam Alias: [BONG] Helix
Class: Soldier
Posts: 1529
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I think this is a great idea and would have no problem throwing together a signup through our site and helping organize this when it gets closer.

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Tue Nov 05 2013, 10:44AM

Steam Alias: timesickGallivanter
Class: Scout
Posts: 581
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Personally I'd rather everyone just pile gifts into a giveaway, since that means no one's going to go into it feeling like they're owed something out of the arrangement.

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Tue Nov 05 2013, 02:59PM

Steam Alias: Balkino66
Class: Sniper
Posts: 116
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knife_out wrote ...

I voted to ban myself, because I am a menace to the social order.


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Tue Nov 05 2013, 10:56PM

Steam Alias: cosmic_marbles
Class: Pyro
Posts: 351
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I"m signing up to partake in the festivities as I love and adore presents. You can put my name in several times to receive gifts. I'll also give one.

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Wed Nov 06 2013, 06:19AM

Steam Alias: Fegal the Barbarian
Class: Soldier
Posts: 12
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il give a few gifts if we need more, also
could be some more sales on steam

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