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Sun Feb 23 2014, 08:35PM

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I just want to take a second to go over how our community members should deal with somebody that they suspect of hacking. I get a lot of IMs from you guys and while I appreciate the attempts to keep the server free of these shitbags, if you go about it the wrong way it's gonna be really tough to help you.

The main thing is that barring a few circumstances, we cannot just ban a guy sight unseen based solely on your word. This doesn't mean that we don't trust/ believe you, we just need visual confirmation and admins cannot always jump on the server to check themselves. The best way to get around this is to have a demo ready when you contact an admin.

Don't know how to record a demo? Don't worry, it's easy as hell. In your console, type the following:

wrote ...
record demo hacker

"Hacker" can be replaced with whatever you want, that's just gonna be the filename of the demo you output. I personally like to use the name of the guy I am speccing because I record a lot of demos. Anyway, when you feel like you have enough proof, type "stop" in your console and it'll output the demo. The file will wind up in your Team Fortress 2\tf folder, and they tend to be pretty small files so emailing/ throwing them on DropBox shouldn't be a big deal.

Another thing that I want to bring up is the approach to a hacker in chat. What is the correct approach? None. Don't say a damn thing in all chat. If you're not confident that the dude is hacking you can ask your teammates IN TEAM CHAT to spec the guy as well, but really you should just grab a demo and shoot one of our admins an IM. When you immediately start trying to call a dude out or just bitch about him in all chat, if the dude is in fact hacking he is gonna become real likely to toggle his shit off or just try to stay low pro to avoid getting caught. Make our lives easier and just grab a demo them move on.

Also if you do IM one of us without a demo and we don't instaban the guy, don't get cute about it. Like I said, this is not a matter of trust or belief, we just have procedures that we follow. Responding to a request for a demo with something along the lines of ":\" or "aw come on" is just aggravating. None of us are getting paid for this and helping us to just get it done quickly is gonna make everybody's life easier.

[ Edited Sun Feb 23 2014, 08:35PM ]
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Sun Feb 23 2014, 09:09PM

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Some additional info:

For the reading impaired:

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Sun Feb 23 2014, 10:41PM

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And our heartfelt gratitude for helping us help you!

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Sun Feb 23 2014, 10:47PM

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Also, grabbing a screenshot of a "status" in console, helps us to grab his steam id.

[ Edited Mon Feb 24 2014, 09:54AM ]
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Mon Feb 24 2014, 03:29AM

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If you're going to shitpost at least be funny about it, BigTex.

Also while we're on the subject of our community over-reacting, just because you died on the Battlements or Hayroom does not necessarily mean you were being spawn camped. Especially if they're running the intel up through your spiral. Doubly so if you've built thirty sentries right in front of your own spawn door. Use your noggin, pals.

Also if you're really convinced that someone is spawncamping, please make a demo with the procedure Professor Jerk posted above.

[ Edited Mon Feb 24 2014, 03:37AM ]
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Sir Osis
Mon Feb 24 2014, 06:37AM

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Also, I am a hacker.

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Mon Feb 24 2014, 09:48AM

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Also, remember to check if there is an admin on the server before messaging another for help.

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Mon Feb 24 2014, 10:20AM

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This is what a hacker looks like for those of you that don't know what a hacker is. You're all hackers!

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Mon Feb 24 2014, 11:00AM

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Above all, make sure someone is hacking before reporting them. If you are going to make the effort to report a hacker, make the effort to ensure that there is actual "HACKING" going on (spec them). There are plenty of people that have been accused of hacking (mostly snipers) who were legitimately that good. Sudo, Foomp, Luigi, etc...

Try not to approach the player in text or voice chat. They'll just only turn on the hacks when they think it's safe - if at all.

If you suspect someone of hacking but are not sure, ask an admin or trusted knowledgeable teammate (witnesses always help). If someone isn't available, record a demo. If you can't record a demo, record a replay.

[ Edited Mon Feb 24 2014, 11:02AM ]
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Mon Feb 24 2014, 01:54PM

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Just a question, is dropping a demo file through the forums link easier or is it better to email/host the file somewhere?

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