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Sat Aug 09 2014, 07:37AM

Steam Alias: [BONG] Knife_Out (Chillin') -J-
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opioid wrote ...

I jest, I enjoy playing against friends more so than with them. The challenge is fulfilling. I try to hop on when I'm not working on my project or studying. Seriously though, the monastery is pretty lenient. They let me play games sometimes and I haven't broken my vow of silence for a while so I'm in pretty high standing at the moment.

TIL salvo hates me.

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Sat Aug 09 2014, 08:56PM

Steam Alias: Blast Tyrant
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So about this project . . .

Are we going to be watching the news someday and say (for better or worse), "Damn is that Opi?"

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Sun Aug 10 2014, 09:22AM

Steam Alias: [BonG] Dr. KhAmiR M.D.
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We know. Honestly, I feel the same way. I often change teams off of the "ROLLERS" onto the "ROLLED" team because I figure this: How can I get better?

I enjoy the challenge and it forces me to deal with situations that single out my weak points. Practice, practice, practice.

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Wed Aug 13 2014, 07:10AM

Steam Alias: [Bong] Grahamula
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knife_out wrote ...

TIL salvo hates me.

It's alright buddy, everyone hates you.

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Wed Aug 13 2014, 08:25PM

Steam Alias: Balkino66
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Hey!! I c my name!!!!

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