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Tue Sep 30 2014, 12:09PM

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AntiHick wrote ...

TheChoggs wrote ...

The Short Circuit helps, despite being nerfed twice. In my experience people hate that thing a lot more than the pomson.

Yeah in all honesty I never even notice the pomson but the short circuit makes me want to uninstall this game and start flinging my own excrement at random objects and people.

I refuse to use it as an engineer because I would be ashamed of myself.


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Thu Oct 02 2014, 01:44AM

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BZZZT! Rockets disintegrate in midair before reaching their target, a level 2 sentry gun situated underneath the open grate near the spawning room. Standing next to the sentry is Choggarella, the Short Circuit fitting snug over her hand like a glove. She grins as a pair of soldiers scowl at her from around the corner, reloading their rocket launchers with the last of their ammunition. They retreat for now, bested by a lone engineer.
Every now and again there's the occasional soldier or demoman, emptying their entire clips in the vague hope that a few hit their targets. None ever do though, thanks to the miracle of science and engineering that is the Short Circuit. Some even charge in with a medic in tow, an impenetrable aura protecting them from the sentry's endless stream of bullets and rockets. But they too are foiled, for not even an ubercharge can stop the Short Circuit. A few moments later, the medic is out of charge and the unlucky soldier or demoman standing in front of him catches the full force of the sentry, barely escaping with his life if at all.
But nothing is perfect. The Short Circuit cannot stop bullets. Uplifted comes around the corner, a glint in his eye as his body glows from the ubercharge Khamir is providing. Choggarella ducks behind her sentry as a rain of bullets bombard it, chipping away at it. She feverishly banged away at her sentry as the onslaught continued, straightening bent barrels and replacing parts too full of holes to be able to function properly. The spray of bullets seemed endless, and while her efforts slowed the decay, it was only a matter of time before she would have to abandon her gun completely.
Suddenly, Choggy came around the corner and dived behind the adjacent dispenser, while was currently aflame and looked similar to Swiss cheese. He gave his wife a quick kiss on the helmet before adding his efforts, reverting the damaged being done. Choggarella fed more ammunition into the sentry, the force of which kept the heavy and medic pair at bay. By now the uber had faded, but a heavy with a medic is still a formidable combo. The duo of engineers dared not move from behind the relative safety of their nest while imminent death remained just on the other side.
The din of battle stopped abruptly, and after a moment the Choggs peeked from behind their machines, which had gone still and quiet apart from the slow back-and-forth swiveling of the sentry. Uplifted lay face-down in front of the sentry, a large hole in the side of his head. Khamir lay behind him, his head rolling down the ramp from the front entrances. Jade emerged from the doorway leading to the courtyard, reloading her rifle as she walked. She helped the couple up and dusted them off while Pwnsausage came around the corner wiping the blood from his Eyelander.
The war was never-ending, but for now there was a space of peace. The Choggs took a few moments to enjoy it before returning to their duties, the others doing the same. War never changes.

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