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Sat Sep 27 2014, 04:14PM

Steam Alias: The Choggs
Class: Engineer
Posts: 22
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Greetings Bong! Choggy and Choggerella here, stubbornly building sentries nonstop, no matter how many times you kill them (although the one-shot kills from loch n load or crit-rockets can be slightly irritating). We've been playing on this server for almost a year now and really enjoy it. Great people, great tf2 action, and it's 2fort 95% of the time. That's awesome for us because we hate change. We are a husband and wife team who almost always play engi and play pretty much only 2fort. Choggerella hates all other maps. Choggy likes dustbowl and hightower too though. Anyways, Bong kicks a$$, good to "meet" you all online, and see you in-game.


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Sat Sep 27 2014, 04:51PM

Steam Alias: SoraPiroB
Class: Soldier
Posts: 400
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Welcome to the forums!

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Sat Sep 27 2014, 04:55PM

Steam Alias: Scruff McGruff
Class: Sniper
Posts: 167
Liked 60 times in 28 posts

Welcome I look forward to click on your heads <3

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Sat Sep 27 2014, 05:22PM

Steam Alias: bigtex1313
Class: Scout
Posts: 249
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[ Edited Sat Sep 27 2014, 05:23PM ]
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Sat Sep 27 2014, 06:25PM

Class: Sniper
Posts: 1303
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Sat Sep 27 2014, 06:58PM

Steam Alias: struex
Class: Spy
Posts: 6
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You guys are a great challenge to play spy against. I look forward to destroying your buildings. :3

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Sat Sep 27 2014, 07:27PM

Steam Alias: TheAntiHick
Class: Soldier
Posts: 3602
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Proactive engineers will always have my respect.

With that being said, fuck you both. So hard.


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Sat Sep 27 2014, 11:19PM

Steam Alias: bldwilco
Class: Medic
Posts: 91
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Welcome! Always appreciate engies

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Sun Sep 28 2014, 05:05AM

Steam Alias: uplifted
Class: Heavy
Posts: 78
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Sun Sep 28 2014, 11:05AM

Steam Alias: DeKeeg
Class: Soldier
Posts: 604
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Persistence. Determination. Sacrifice. These reap the rewards of success. It is strong within the Choggs.

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