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Tue Jan 06 2015, 10:03AM

Steam Alias: [BonG] Dr. KhAmiR M.D.
Class: Medic
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Remove me from the pool as well. I'd rather a community member non-admin get something

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Tue Jan 06 2015, 10:37AM

Steam Alias: Mav3rick
Class: Sniper
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Skyhawk wrote ...

First, apologies for not getting to this in the past few days, had some zombies to fight off at home and work. Second, thanks to the community for raising the funds to keep us Bong-ing for another year.

My question is, after each item draw, do I leave that winner in the pool or remove them until the items are depleted?

I'd be for removing people from the pool as they are selected. I dont think the raffle was set up correctly for the other way

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Tue Jan 06 2015, 09:53PM

Steam Alias: Vahn0100
Class: Soldier
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Yay Raffle!!

PS, and no, I have nothing to actually contribute to this

[ Edited Tue Jan 06 2015, 09:54PM ]
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Wed Jan 07 2015, 03:41PM

Steam Alias: Skyhawk
Class: Medic
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Alrighty, raffle results are in, used the random generator I posted earlier with the list of raffle items and a static list of donator names. Triple checked the names list to ensure I did not leave anyone out but please message me if somehow I did. I'll be on Steam this evening, if I have not yet sought you out, message me and we will trade.

Mav3rick----Steam Game, The Binding of Isaac
vahn0100----Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Rusty----Steam Game, Mass Effect 2
.Ghryn----Mann Co. Store Package
Cosmic_Marbles----Steam Game, System Shock 2
Kodiak----Steam Game, Mark of the Ninja
Learim----Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Wilco----Mann Co. Store Package
.Gonzo----Mann Co. Store Package
Wicked JT----Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Luna----Steam Game, Dishonored - The Knife of Dunwall
.Mama----Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
.Holyass----Mann Co. Store Package
.SlugKing----Unusual Copper's Hard Top
.Wolfwarrior27----Unusual Tavish DeGroot Experience
.DeKeeg----Unusual Bonk Helm
.BlastTyrant----Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
.ScruffMcGruff----Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
.Heartbeat----Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
.BiGTeX----Unusual Jumper's Jeepcap
.Gravytrain----Unusual German Gonzila

[ Edited Mon Feb 02 2015, 10:29AM ]
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Wed Jan 07 2015, 04:31PM

Steam Alias: bldwilco
Class: Medic
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What is a Mann Co. Store Package?

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Wed Jan 07 2015, 05:54PM

Steam Alias: Mama
Class: Pyro
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I'll be available on Steam until about 8pm my time

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Wed Jan 07 2015, 06:59PM

Steam Alias: Same as here (usually)
Class: Pyro
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Wilco, it's basically a free random drop. You use the item from your backpack and get a weapon or hat.

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Wed Jan 07 2015, 08:26PM

Steam Alias: bldwilco
Class: Medic
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Cool, thanks

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Tue Jan 13 2015, 01:21PM

Steam Alias: GrλvyTrλin
Class: Soldier
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Very cool. Thanks guys!

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