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Thu Mar 05 2015, 08:05PM

Steam Alias: Mama
Class: Pyro
Posts: 2460
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Grats Gonzo! She's adorable.

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Thu Mar 05 2015, 08:06PM

Steam Alias: Galot
Class: Spy
Posts: 1074
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your babby will be playing tf2 in a few years

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Fri Mar 06 2015, 07:27AM

Steam Alias: STEAM_0:0:7227352
Class: Demoman
Posts: 353
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Dickbut, I have your portrait above her crib, for motivation.

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Fri Mar 06 2015, 02:00PM

Steam Alias: [BonG] Dr. KhAmiR M.D.
Class: Medic
Posts: 3992
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ProfessorJerk wrote ...

Congrats homey, I heard that those things go great with pinto beans and some guacamole.

Someone ban this racist guy.

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Fri Mar 06 2015, 08:33PM

Steam Alias: BlackOut
Class: Heavy
Posts: 892
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yay offspring

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Fri Mar 06 2015, 08:56PM

Steam Alias: TheAntiHick
Class: Soldier
Posts: 3602
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What...what is it?

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Fri Mar 06 2015, 09:46PM

Steam Alias: Epik Kobold
Class: Engineer
Posts: 277
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I think that is a potato. congratulations on the little potato Sir!

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Sat Mar 07 2015, 11:49AM

Steam Alias: DeKeeg
Class: Soldier
Posts: 604
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Congratz on the new chapter in your lives! Now go smoke some meat!

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Mon Mar 09 2015, 11:23AM

Steam Alias: BONG | Luna
Class: Demoman
Posts: 272
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omg thats the cutest little nugget! Congrats!

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