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Thu Apr 09 2015, 09:55AM

Steam Alias: [BonG] Dr. KhAmiR M.D.
Class: Medic
Posts: 3992
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ProfessorJerk wrote ...

I am prepared to be awful at Pyro on Saturday.


I hope am able to hop on with you pal. It's been waaaay too long. I miss our times together. (46 sec in)

[ Edited Thu Apr 09 2015, 09:58AM ]
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Thu Apr 09 2015, 11:09AM

Steam Alias: Scruff McGruff
Class: Sniper
Posts: 167
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Keep it up Gravy I always have a blast playing with/against you even though you focus me sometimes. You always give me a challenge when you're on.

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Thu Apr 09 2015, 05:49PM

Steam Alias: Same as here (usually)
Class: Pyro
Posts: 1756
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Khamir I'm sure we'll be able to coincide, just throw me an IM when you're gonna be around.

Is it bad that that video didn't make me miss my fancy hats at all but I immediately thought "shit, I am gonna need to get a new schadenfreude taunt if I am gonna play" hahaha?

ETA: Scruff you are a sniper and as such you deserve to eat splodey things all day.

[ Edited Thu Apr 09 2015, 05:50PM ]
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Fri Apr 10 2015, 11:23AM

Steam Alias: Beardius
Class: Heavy
Posts: 49
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Gravy you're one of the people that helped form me into the mediocre player I am today since I joined the Gravity Bong all those months ago. I really appreciate you calling me out and telling me to stop being an asshat with a liberty launcher, now I'm just an asshat with the stock. Really appreciate you pal, hope you stick around for a long time.

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Fri Apr 10 2015, 11:26AM

Steam Alias: bigtex1313
Class: Scout
Posts: 249
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You use ur mouth purtier than a twenty dollar whore . Im new here, but have found a home. The people here are amazing, and dont care when i squeel after i stick someone to the wall with my huntsman. People are always there for some good fun after i have had a rotten day at work. I luv all my bONG friends. I played wiff u a few times gravy and look forward to more fun in the future. If ur ever on after midnite

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Fri Apr 10 2015, 09:21PM

Steam Alias: Blast Tyrant
Class: Heavy
Posts: 515
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Couldn't agree more, Gravy. We have a great community, and it is always nice to have friends around to play with and kill.

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Fri Apr 17 2015, 08:39PM

Steam Alias: Wicky Wicky Wasted
Class: Sniper
Posts: 522
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Hearing about Fetus made me realize how much I care about all of you on the BONG. So thanks for making this thread Gravy you're the fucking man.

Don't let my incessant raging fool you, I've got MAAAAAAAAAAAAAD love for this community.

Love y'all

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