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Thu Apr 16 2015, 03:21PM

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So is the moral of the story to never get married?

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Thu Apr 16 2015, 10:34PM

Steam Alias: Skyhawk
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That is the moral of EVERY story...

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Sir Osis
Fri Apr 17 2015, 06:21AM

Steam Alias: Sir Osis of Liver
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Skyhawk wrote ...

This is the time of the year I walk around the house with a bottle of whiskey and a loaded pistol to my head. Fucking HATE tax season. The good old days always promised a nice return for hookers and booze but since the wife got into the hair and makeup game in the TV and movie industry, her earnings usually include about 15 grand in 1099s, all untaxed.

She keeps a big shoebox of receipts I have to sort through and organize so I can squeeze every penny out of her business deductions, including our spare bedroom for her storage, and her shit mileage records.

I beg her to hand all this over to me so I can take it to an accountant but I finally get it around April 1st as an April Fools Fuck You so I have had to file an extension the past three years. THEN, when we finally get it filed, we argue over who pays the taxes on those cash earnings that I never get a part of. I first figure our tax based on our W2 info, establish a baseline, then add in her 1099s and expenses, the increase is her part. She doesn't see it that way so we get mad and I threaten to bury her alive in a box.

Just about this time every year I make plans to hike into the mountains of Alaska, build a fort, and go off the grid. Did I mention I fucking HATE tax season?

You see, this is why I make copies of any receipt I get on the road. When out, I file one away for myself, and I keep an open folder of things to send to my accountant. Hopefully I can finish replacing the windows on the house this year, but, uh, not likely.

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