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Fri Apr 24 2015, 02:54PM

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Also, you can run Processing on ARM Linux, so RasPI, BeagleBone etc are viable controllers for the lights, you dont need a full PC. I use a RasPi to control a FadeCAndy (specialized DSP for dithering the LEDs) and a 8x8 grid of RGB LEDS (5505)

Here is the Fadecandy and 8x8 grid, sorry for the FB link, only copy i have.

[ Edited Fri Apr 24 2015, 02:57PM ]
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Fri Apr 24 2015, 07:20PM

Steam Alias: frostmute
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I started buying some arduino components to tinker around with and never got around to it; they're just sitting in a box inmy closet. Looked at the Adalight stuff a while back, and still want to fucks-wit-it.

I already have an Uno.... might make a good summer project for the little one. We can put it on his gaming PC.

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Tue Apr 28 2015, 10:45AM

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Wasn't this a Kickstarter project a few years ago? I've thought about doing something like this with the desk in my dorm for my PC, or my TV if I can link it to whatever I have streaming through my Chromecast. What would be the most cost/quality efficient way to make one?

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Mon Jun 29 2015, 11:15AM

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Sooo....when do we get a video of it in use.

I need to see how my porn is going to look with all the extra bells and whistles!!

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