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Fri May 08 2015, 11:54AM

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Holy, I'll take a look into that, I appreciate it. I was a pretty early adopter with the original Droid and loved it back then; my wife still pines for her Droid 4 and its physical keyboard as well. The line slipped behind the flagships that other companies were putting out in terms of processing power for a while so I switched to some other phones, but maybe it's time to go back.

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Sun May 10 2015, 12:30AM

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I've got a Nexus 6 on T-Mobile, and this thing fucking rocks. I can't really compare it to other android phones, though. I've been on iPhones for the last 3ish years. The battery life sucks in comparison to iOS devices, though.

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Sat May 16 2015, 09:01PM

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OnePlus One is amazing, and the OnePlus Two is coming out soon. you should look into snagging an invite when they're released.

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