News Item: HAPPY HOUR (Sundays @ 9-10pm EST)
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Posted by Helix
Sat Jul 12 2008, 08:46AM

We have been hard at work analyzing the pros and cons of a traditional Happy Hour and how we might apply such a thing to TF2. Quite frankly we found no cons, and decided everyone could use a little happy hour in their lives. Therefore... The Gravity Bong will be introducing "Happy Hour" each week on Sundays from 9-10pm EST.

What is "Happy Hour"?

Happy Hour will consist of one hour of play where something is so wacky on the server it is bound to create mass chaos and fun. For example, it could be unlimited sentry gun building for engineers, unlimited cloak time for spies, or shorter uber builds for medics... just to name a few.

The server is full, I can't get in!!

During Happy Hour our server will drop to 20 active slots with 4 reserved slots. Any player with over 20 hours logged on The Gravity Bong will be able to access these reserved slots simply by typing into the console: connect This will allow you to join one of the reserved slots, acting as a back door for our regulars to get in.

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