News Item: Hands up, Bong down.
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Posted by Helix
Sat Jul 19 2008, 11:32AM

First, We would like to apologize for our website being down, we have since fixed all issues associated with the problems between our host, and do not expect any more problems.

Next, I am going camping this weekend for my Birthday. Actually, about to shove off here in a couple minutes, but due to this, Happy Hour will be pushed just this week to Tuesday 7/22 @ 9-10pm EST. It should be a good one, so be there or... be sober.

We have been voting over the week for 3 new admins to our community and will announce them in the middle of next week.

Oh yeah. The new batman movie is sooooo good. Get up and go see it right this second. Chat about it here!

Bong on.

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