News Item: Bye Bye Snow
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Posted by Helix
Thu Jan 15 2015, 11:33PM

Hey there Bong! The holidays are over and our web style is back so make sure you give your browser a refresh. Thanks to everyone who donated over the holidays and to all the kind souls that tossed items into the raffle. We paid for all costs through 2015 with the donations and have a small buffer to host an event with prizes. We're really excited to raise that kind of an effort after all this time and really appreciate it.

Next, you may have seen our stats were down since December 29, with the monthly coming back a few days ago and the lifetime returning tonight. We apologize for the outage and are now backing up stats with a nightly job to prevent any kind of outage that extreme in the future.

Hope everyone's 2015 is off to a good start, may all your troubles last as long as your new year's resolutions! Bong on!

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