News Item: Welcome to our New Website
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Posted by Helix
Wed Jun 25 2008, 10:03PM

Welcome BONGers!

As you can see, we have a totally different look and feel now. Why the change? Basically our community grew out of our old site. Our original site concept had a button for forums, a button for events, and a button for stats. When the BONG was originally created, we thought: "What else do you need for a community?" Needless to say we were wrong, and feel that this new site will allow and give us a lot more room to continue to grow and support the community here.

I do want to send out my apologies for all those who we're registered on our old forums, without getting into too much detail, there was just no way that it was possible to port over our new forums to this website, because they are two different setups. A lot of the posts on that forum we're pretty sweet. The nice addition to this site, however, is that after registering you are able to access and use your account on a whole load of different things!

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